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News video games 18 May 2021, 17:36

author: Qskan

Pawel Sasko on Stupidity of Cyberpunk 2077's AI

During a recent stream, Pawel Sasko, the lead quest designer for Cyberpunk 2077, revealed details about the AI behavior in CD Projekt RED's game.

  1. During a recent livestream, CD Projekt RED's quest designer Pawel Sasko revealed the details of how AI behaviors were created in Cyberpunk 2077;
  2. He explained that the AI has to be "dumb" to some degree to simulate the actions of humans who make mistakes;
  3. Gamers on Reddit took Paul Sasko's explanation as a poor excuse.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Pawel Sasko, the lead quest designer for Cyberpunk 2077, talked about the AI in CD Projekt RED's latest hit. More specifically, he explained how the AI works in Cyberpunk on the example of a particular location. The developer explained that, paradoxically, too smart artificial intelligence does not serve the players at all.

While discussing the issue, Sasko stated that smarter opponents in games are often not better.

"Sometime the players are discussing the topic, like "why is AI so stupid," right? It's the easiest way to make an AI extremely clever, because the AI knows where you are and the AI can flank you, it can do a lot of things, but this makes it extremely unfair (to the player - ed. note)."

The developer revealed that the AI should simulate human behavior, including making mistakes.

"What we want to achieve is an AI that behaves like a living person that makes mistakes and misjudges things. If I shoot from one place while camouflaged and then move away, the enemies will fire at the place where I was a moment ago because they think I am there. If you kill an enemy in one place, you don't expect the AI to tell the adversaries to find you right away, but rather for the adversaries to go check out the place where it happened. AI needs to be realistic, yet fair at the same time."

Those commenting on the Polish developer's statement on Reddit did not react to the translation with enthusiasm:

"It’s a reasonable sounding excuse, yet it falls short like the Terrible AI," writes user SpartanChip.

Other users are even more blunt:

"Dunno when this video is from, but if it's even from a little while after the game released and people complained, it is the mother of all cop-outs. So pathetic:

-"Oh, hurr durr, you thought the AI was stupid because we couldn't make it smart ?"

pushes up glasses

"AKSHUALY, it was so smart we had to dumb it down for you guys, huehuehue." (original spelling)

"Yeah this guy is completely delusional. Actually more sad/disappointed/a little embarrassed than mad/upset.

There is nothing intentional in how bad CP2077 enemy/gang/police/civilian/pedestrian/motorist behavior logic is."

Intentionally or not, we can probably all agree that the AI in Cyberpunk 2077 could use a major upgrade. We're keeping our fingers crossed for that to happen in the upcoming hotfixes.

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