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News video games 15 April 2023, 13:33

author: Damian Gacek

Dark and Darker - Bard Class; How to Use Songs [Update]

In this guide we talk about the Bard class in Dark and Darker. After all, everyone would like to be a musician. If you want to learn more about it, then read this article.

Dark and Darker is a popular indie game developed by Ironmace studio. It is a combination of dungeon crawler and battle royal. The gameplay idea has really appealed to fans and the title attracts thousands of players every day. That is, of course, when you can play it, as it has currently not yet had a release, but occasional playtests. One of the available classes in the game is Bard. In this article we will talk about it and tell you how to use songs.

Bard in Dark and Darker

The Bard was introduced in the latest playtest. In-game description: “The Bard is a weaver of moving melofies and fantastic tales. They manage to get out of stickiest of situations using their uncanny ability to mysteriously control the mood of crowds and creatures.

  1. Weapon of choice: Rapier;
  2. Strengths: crowd control, good swordsman.
  3. Weaknesses: loud.

Bard – Stats

  1. Strength – 12,
  2. Agility – 16,
  3. Will – 10,
  4. Knowledge – 17,
  5. Resourcefulness – 20,

Bard – Perks and skills


  1. Lore Mastery – A high level of understanding of objects increases all types of interaction speed by 25%.
  2. Melodic Protection – While playing, the caster’s physical damage reduction bonus is increased by 15%.
  3. Rapier Mastery – when using a rapier, weapon damage increases by 3 and action speed increases by 5%.
  4. Wanderer’s Luck – increases the chance of finding high-quality items when opening treasure chests.
  5. War Song – If the performance is successful, increases nearby allies’ weapon attack power by 3 for 6 seconds.


  1. Dissonance – Creates an unpleasant noise to block hostile targets within a certain area form casting spells and silence them for 3 seconds.
  2. Encore – The next song is automatically played to the end without any input and is sure to succeed.
  3. Music Memory 1 and 2 – Can store up to 4 sheet music as space permits.

Bard Songs and how to use them

  1. Accelerando – Gradually increase the movement speed of your and nearby allies for 8 seconds based on your performance. The amount of boost (Poor – 5 per second, Good – 10 per second, Perfect – 15 per second) stacks up to 3 times.
  2. Chaotic Discord – Excites nearby monsters to attack the nearest target except the performer.
  3. Peacemaking – All nearby players and monsters temporarily lose the will to fight when enchanted by the channeling section of the song.
  4. Tranquility – Gradually restores the Recoverable health of yourself and nearby allies based on your performance. Poor – 1 hp per second for 2 seconds, Good – 2 hp per second for 4 seconds, Perfect – 3 hp per seconds for 6 seconds.

To use songs, you have to equip your Lute and use your ability (E or Q – it depends on the type of music memory). Next, you have to beat a minigame – you have to click at the proper moments.

Old news

Dark and Darker – Bard class

For the time being, there is no Bard class in the game. Unfortunately, lovers of this profession will have to wait. However, this does not mean that it will never appear. The developers have mentioned that they would like to add it, and there is information about it in the game description on Steam. It is therefore in the plans.

Ironmace does not want to stop with 6 classes already added (you can read more about them here). It is likely that the Bard will be the next addition to the playable characters. So be patient, especially considering that the release of Dark and Darker is coming soon (you can read about it here).

It may be confusing for many new players, but for the time being many people refer to the Barbarian class as 'Bard' for short. This will certainly have to change when the real Bard arrives in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker - characteristics of the bard class (speculation)

The bard will probably be a buffing class. Thus, they are unlikely to be suitable for solo play. It will most likely be a character similar in use to a combination of Rogue, Ranger, and Cleric with a focus on light armour.

Players are currently guessing what the skills and perks of this class might look like. We personally like the idea that the bard might hide steps of people in immediate vicinity. It's also an interesting concept that it could give powerful buffs, but at the price of making noise and attracting surrounding monsters (and, by default, letting other players know as well). For the time being, however, this is just speculation, so wait for the official release of this class.

Dark and Darker Guide

If you are curious about this and other mechanics included in the game, then you must read our guide - Dark and Darker Guide. You will learn all the most important information.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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