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News video games 30 January 2023, 14:33

Dead Space Remake Easter Egg Hints at Remake of DS2

A remake of the first Dead Space may contain clues pointing to a possible Dead Space 2 refresh.

The release of Dead Space remake turned out to be a big success. The iconic space horror game in new robes received a ton of positive reviews from both gamers and critics. Such a good reception of the game has whetted the appetites - certainly many of us would love to play a remake of Dead Space 2. The sequel's arrival is perhaps more real than we thought.

A clue from New Game Plus

Hints of a possible Dead Space 2 Remake appear in the game itself. After completing the story, we can return to the adventure within the New Game Plus mode; there, several surprises await the players.

First and foremost are new text logs that didn't appear when we launched the game for the first time. One message exchange between two Ishimura employees is particularly important.

Due to the planned decommissioning of the station, the two characters discuss potential new places of employment - including the city of Sprawl, which is located on Titan.

Players familiar with the series will immediately associate that this is a location well known from Dead Space 2. Although this clue in itself may not be 100% convincing, it should be recalled that already a few months ago there was talk of a potential remake of the second installment, when one of the developers did not rule out the possibility of Dead Space 2 Remake.

Given the (probably) great success of the refreshed first installment one can hope that EA will not get rid of this golden-egg laying goose. Provided that the remake of Dead Space 2 will also turn out to be such a "golden egg".

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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