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News video games 11 April 2024, 08:16

author: Adrian Werner

Dead Space Dead Again. Remake's High Scores Did Not Boost Publicity

Credible reports have emerged online that Electronic Arts has abandoned plans to develop another production from the Dead Space universe.

Source: EA

Yesterday turned out to be a very nervous day for fans of the Dead Space series. Numerous reports have appeared on the internet, questioning the future of the remake of the second part of the series.

It all started when in a new episode of the podcast Game Mess Mornings from the Giant Bomb service, the highly reputable journalist Jeff Grubb suggested that work on the remake of Dead Space 2 has been suspended.

  1. In response, Electronic Arts issued a comment denying the veracity of these reports. However, they did not specify what the fate of this project is.
  2. The situation was clarified by an article by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg. According to his sources, the Electronic Arts development team has indeed decided to suspend work on the Dead Space 2 remake. The reason was said to be the disappointing sales results of the refreshed version of the first part of the series, released in January last year.
  3. According to Schreier, after the premiere of Dead Space Remake, EA Motive spent several months creating the concept of a refreshed version of the second part of the series. Since last summer, however, most of the people involved in this project have been moved to other productions, such as Marvel's Iron Man or Battlefield 7.

So did Electronic Arts lie? Not really . Companies, especially those listed on the stock exchange, cannot afford such moves. The simplest explanation seems to be that at EA Motive, according to Schreier's information, a small team is still "tinkering" with a potential Dead Space 2 Remake, but the project has no chance - at least in the near future - of entering full production.

This is not the first time EA has put this brand on the back shelf. After Dead Space 2 sold below expectations, they tried to give the series a more shooter character, but it did not bring the expected results and Dead Space 3 turned out to be a financial flop. Several services then published reports that plans to develop the fourth part of the series had been abandoned. Electronic Arts loudly denied it, but a few months later the publisher confirmed that Dead Space 4 will not be made.

The remake of Dead Space debuted on January 27th of last year. The game is available on PC and on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 consoles. The production was very well received - according to OpenCritic, it has an average rating of 89%. In turn, on Steam, 91% of player reviews praise this project. Many players were therefore counting on Dead Space 2 Remake, especially since the authors themselves suggested such plans. Unfortunately, everything indicates that EA has decided otherwise.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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