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News video games 24 March 2023, 13:30

author: Michal Serwicki

Here's a Handy Build Calculator for Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 beta is up and running, and the full version is fast approaching. Players are outdoing themselves with ideas for the best character builds. A fan has designed a free calculator that makes this task significantly easier.

The beta of the latest installment of the legendary hack'n'slash from Blizzard has already launched. Testing for early access players will last through the weekend, while the rest of us will be able to check out the title in a week, starting March 24.

If you can't wait to cross the threshold of Sanctuary and lose yourself in Diablo 4you can already plan your character build. A special calculator, which was prepared by one of the fans, will help you with this.

Diablo 4 Build Calculator - how to use it?

Some time ago, Reddit user MaXiMiUS (also known as Lothrik) announced that he is working on a tool to make it easier for players to create their character build before they even start their adventure with Diablo 4.

Work on the calculator is still in progress, and the creator is adding skills and items announced by Blizzard on an ongoing basis. However, the tool itself is already available and you can try it out on the author's website.

Heres a Handy Build Calculator for Diablo 4 - picture #1

The beginnings are always the hardest.Lothrik / GitHub

Before you start playing, the program will ask you to choose one of the five classes available in the game. After you choose the character you are interested in, you will see the talent tree, which is set at level 1. From now on we can assign points to the appropriate skills. Every move you make will be noted by an increase in the character's level visible at the top of the screen.

Of course, some elements of the tree will not be available until we don't spend a certain number of points on the preceding aspects of our character's progression. At any time, however, we can use the cursor to check the details of a given development and whether we need it or not.

It is worth noting that the calculator also includes legendary powers and aspects, which we will unlock in the final stage of the game or with the help of certain items. Thus, there is really a lot of options, but the developer has taken care to provide us with the greatest possible comfort in using the tool.

Heres a Handy Build Calculator for Diablo 4 - picture #2

The options are really quite a lot, but that's what all the fun is about.Lothrik / GitHub

At the bottom of the window next to the selected class you will find a drop-down list, which will take you to the selected part of the tree, as well as a search engine that enables you to find the aspect you are interested in.

The builds created in this way can be saved and then shared in the form of an appropriate link, or kept in secret if you wish so.

Diablo 4 - character classes

Diablo 4 will not introdue a completely new character class at this point, which did not appear in previous installments of the series. So far we can choose from five characters, who differ not only in skills, but also in style of play.

In addition to the classic barbarian, we will be able to play a ranged rogue or a shape-shifting druid. However, if we prefer to stand on the sidelines during the fight, a good choice will be the sorceress or the necromancer leading hosts of undead.

Regardless of the class we choose, it's worth considering the right build, because it's what determines how strong the Nephalem we play as will be.

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