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How to open Silent Chests in Diablo 4?

Silent Chests are some of the most valuable loot containers in Diablo 4. We explain how to open them and what they can hide.

This page of our guide to Diablo IV concerns Silent Chests (Silent Chests) found in the game world. We explain How to get the Whispering Key (Whispering Key). used to disarm the lock of a chest with unique rare loot.

Silent Chests (Silent Chests) in the game world

How to open Silent Chests in Diablo 4? - picture #1

While exploring the world map, you may come across a a locked Silent Chest.. You can't open it by force - you need the following for it Whispering Key..

Silent Chests hide above-average rare loot. They can be a good way, for example, to acquire orange-quality items.

Where to buy the Whispering Key?

You can buy Whispering Keys buy in the store. In the city of Kyovashad, the right merchant is. Lizveth - Purveyor of Curiosities.

Whispering Keys are located at the very bottom of the list of goods displayed by Lizveth. Each key costs 20 Obols and are disposable (they are lost when the chest is opened).

How to accumulate Obols currency?

Obols is a currency that you can earn by passing random events (Events). They can appear on the world map as small circles. From the description you will also learn about the recommended experience level. Approaching an event activates it.

A random event can be about, for example, protecting a caravan from monster attacks. You will receive Obols if you successfully complete the event. The game may allocate you more currency if you have completed a side quest (e.g., protecting a civilian from death).

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