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News video games 16 February 2024, 06:13

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Diablo 4 Greatly Increased Chance of Getting Uber Items, But They Might Be Still Too Hard to Get

Blizzard has greatly increased the chance of obtaining uber uniques in Diablo 4. Now it is only „almost” impossible for most players instead of simply impossible.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment / Microsoft.

A patch for Diablo 4 was recently released, which was intended to increase the chances of obtaining the rarest items in the game without having to fight a powerful boss. Of course, players were curious about what Blizzard specifically meant by "increase." Apparently not much, as patch files 1.3.2. indicate that players still shouldn't expect to get unique and uber-unique item without confronting Uber Duriel.

Dataminer Lothrik's findings (the creator of the Diablo 4 build calculator) were shared on Github, but there are also many summaries of his discoveries available online. In a nutshell: Blizzard increased the chance of dropping uber unique items by 1,350 times.

This is definitely a significant change... but it doesn't convey much without context. So far, specific uber unique items were expected to drop from mobs about once every 10 million attempts. This provides a so-called "drop rate" of around 1:250 or 1:7500 if we are interested in a particular item.

Certainly, this represents a considerable improvement and seems to have assisted at least a few players (via Reddit). However, uber unique items are still too hard to obtain for most players.

Fans' mood isn't improved by the confirmation of speculations about another new feature from the 1.3.2 update - the option to craft uber uniques on your own. As suspected, we get only one flickering spark for disassembling each uber unique item. Five of them are needed for transmutation (and 50 million gold coins).

Despite being much needed, in practice, neither of these changes make much of a difference: players still have minimal chances of obtaining the best loot. Some players postulate that the devs should further increase the odds of acquiring unique loot, or permit the acquisition of flickering sparks from "ordinary" unique items. Another thing is that players didn't mind that some items in older versions of Diablo are also almost impossible to obtain (emphasis on "almost;" via Reddit).

It should be noted that the information regarding changes in the likelihood of ultra-rare items dropping cannot be fully confirmed. There is not even certainty that "drop_weight': 1350" actually means such a multiplier, although it is the most likely option.

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Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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