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News video games 29 March 2023, 15:55

author: Adrian Werner

Not Just Diablo 4 - Blizzard Unveils New Features in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal will receive a major update tomorrow, oferring, among other things, an additional gameplay mode and a new dungeon.

In recent days, the gamers have mainly been excited about Diablo IV beta, but Blizzard Entertainment is not forgetting about Diablo Immortal. This mobile spin-off will soon receive its third major update.

Diablo Immortal update

The patch will debut tomorrow. Before that, the game will be unavailable for two hours to implement the changes on the servers. The update will offer quite a few new features.

  1. The biggest attraction seems to be the new Accursed Towers gameplay mode, in which we will fight against both other players and AI. In this gameplay variant, clans will compete to take control of towers, which will provide bonuses to all their members and the opportunity to gain cursed items.
  2. In Accursed Towers, simply taking over a tower will require fighting a battle against hordes of demons. Once we occupy it, other groups of players will try to take it from us in PvP. The fun will be spread out over multiple weeks - in the first of which each clan can try to capture only one tower.
  3. The update will also add a new dungeon to the game, called Dread Reaverm, played aboard a large grim ship in the middle of the sea.
Not Just Diablo 4 - Blizzard Unveils New Features in Diablo Immortal - picture #1
The new dungeon is Dread Reaverm. Source photo Activision Blizzard.

In addition, the update will offer a number of additional attractions.

  1. Another new feature is an elite mission (The Astral Bloom), in which we will help a mage fix the mistakes of his past.
  2. The patch will also enrich the game with three new legendary gems, providing useful stat bonuses, and a new set of gear (Banquet of Eyes).
  3. The update will also introduce a new event (Ashes of Antiquity), which will launch tomorrow and last until April 20. As part of it, we will be able to complete tasks every week in exchange for items.
  4. In addition, the devs will increase rewards for completing many activities and improve gameplay balance.
  5. There will also be bug fixes.

Diablo Immortal is available on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices. The game uses free-to-play model with microtransactions.

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