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News video games 29 March 2023, 15:59

author: Adrian Werner

Saints Row Isn't Dead Yet; Devs Reveal Content Roadmap

The developers of Saints Row have ambitious plans for the game's development. They include three paid DLCs and a set of major updates that will add new neighborhoods to the virtual world for free.

Released last year, Saints Row, a reboot of the once popular series, turned out to be quite a disappointment. Despite this, the developers are not laying down their arms - they have just revealed a content roadmap for the coming months. It includes, among other things, three paid DLCs and several major updates.

  1. In April Saints Row will receive a free set of cosmetic items inspired by Dead Island 2.
  2. In May, an update will be released that will add a new neighborhood and photo mode to the game for free, as well as improved combat. The same month will see the release of the paid DLC called The Heist and the Hazardous with new story missions and cosmetic items.
  3. Also in July, we will receive a free update and paid DLC. The patch is expected to introduce unspecified new features and improvements. In turn, the DLC, titled Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus, will offer a new single-player mode.
  4. August will bring another update, which will add a new district to the game for free and introduce as yet undisclosed improvements.
  5. The same month will also see the release of a third DLC (no official title as of yet), which will offer new story missions and previously unknown enemies, as well as expand the list of cosmetic items.
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Deep Silver

New Saints Row launched on August 23, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The PC version is only available on Epic Games Store for now.

The game's performance was so poor that the studio responsible for the game, Volition, was handed over to the Gearbox group.

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