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News video games 21 February 2023, 13:49

author: Marcin Przala

Diablo Immortal Will Let You Fish When Not Carving Up Monsters

Diablo Immortal players will finally be able to take a moment of peace in the world of Sanctuary. This is because with today's update, a fishing mechanic is heading to the game, which will not only bring relaxation to the characters, but also rewards.

Today's update to Diablo Immortal, which will debut on European servers between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. CET, will introduce fishing mechanics to the game. This highly immersive and undoubtedly relaxing activity, which players will be able to enjoy in breaks from sowing terror among various kinds of monsters, will be available in three locations in the game (Ashwold Cemetery, Bilefen and Frost Tundra).

All fishing grounds will be marked on the map with a fish icon. Moreover, fishing zones will be safe areas, meaning that players will be able to indulge in fishing unhindered - without the risk of being attacked.

Of course, before enjoying this absorbing activity, players will need to stock up on lures. Fish decoys will be available for purchase at the Fisherman's, with a limit of 99 pieces.

The fundamental question: what for?

However, what is the purpose of fishing in Diablo Immortal? Is it to stuff your belly before the adventure? None of these things.

Fishing is supposed to bring (in addition to a moment of peace, of course) various rewards, depending on the type of fish we catch. There are five categories of fish: common, unusual, rare, legendary and mythical. The rarer the fish, the greater the reward for which you can exchange your catch with the Fisherman.

Diablo Immortal Will Let You Fish When Not Carving Up Monsters - picture #1
Source: Blizzard.

Among other things, random rarity items or new fishing rod skins will be available for the taking.

That's not all, as collectors and fishing manics will be able to fill in their fishing diary, in which the specimens caught will be described in detail. For completing the angler's logbook, the developers have also provided rewards.

As we read in the description of the update, the waters of the Sanctuary are home to 40 unique species of fish. Each species has its preferred habitat and can only be caught there.

Not only fish

The new patch for Diablo Immortal however, is not only the "revolutionary" possibility to catch fish. The rune system and, consequently, the entire game economy also got a thorough overhaul.

The conversion of runes will no longer be necessary to craft legendary gems. The sheer frequency of "magic stones" drops will also be increased..

What's more, the latest update to Diablo Immortal will also introduce 36 new legendary items and solve some of the game's problems.

The full list of upcoming changes to Diablo Immortal is available here.

Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

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