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News video games 24 November 2021, 12:17

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

DICE is Fixing Battlefield 2042; First Update Coming Tomorrow

Battlefield 2042 developers have announced changes requested by players for a long time. Among other things, the spread of projectiles will be reduced.

  • DICE has announced two important updates for Battlefield 2042;
  • The first one will debut tomorrow and will limit the excessive spread of projectiles;
  • The second will introduce many changes and will appear in the first half of December.

Battlefield 2042 is suffers from a lot of problems. The game is not the title that players expected, and the web was flooded with complaints. Developers decided to respond to them with quick updates, the first of which will be released tomorrow. It will introduce changes, which the fans have been demanding for several days.

Patch marked as Update #2 will fix, among other things, errors associated with the shooting model. Developers will limit, for example, excessive scatter of some weapons, which made players distrust the iron sights and scopes. Bullets should no longer fly around our opponents when we have them in our sights. Moreover, PP-29, which turned out to be far too effective an SMG, will be nerfed.

The stats of some vehicles will also be rebalanced. First of all, we're talking about the LCAA Hovercraft, which has managed to become a meme due to its effectiveness in smashing whole groups of enemies. Changes will also affect the MD540 Nightbird helicopter, whose 20mm cannons will no longer inflict so much splash damage.

In addition, the upcoming update will remove some extremely frustrating bugs. It will finally be possible to reanimate allies who died next to walls or other troublesome objects. The system of protecting the player during the respawn will also be improved.

Many more changes await us in December. In the first half of next month, a much more extensive update will be available, marked as Update #3. It will contain a whole bunch of bug fixes, glitches, and new quality of life improvements.

The maps themselves will see over 150 small improvements, including glitch, spawning issues, and collision fixes. Bugs in the use of certain machines will be eliminated. The effectiveness of the NTW-50 sniper rifle, which has proven to be one of the ideal weapons for vehicle combat, will also be reduced.

Big changes will also affect the interface. The HUD will now show a lot of useful information, the lack of which was particularly felt by some. Among other things, a special icon will appear in the game, which will indicate all first aid-capable allies within a radius of 50 meters. Similarly, the issue of lack of ammunition was solved. When we use up all out bullets, indicators will appear on screen, directing us to soldiers who will be able to share some supplies.

Improvements are also comint to all the specialists available in the game. Each of them, to a greater or lesser extent, requires refinement. In most cases, it's about the effectiveness of their skills. Moreover, bots are to function much more efficiently. Update #3 will make them behave more intelligently both in combat and when driving vehicles.

There will also be changes in the game which will please the fans of the Portal mode. Battlefield 2042 will include new gameplay formulas such as Vehicle Team Deathmatch and Infection, and new rules in the editor to enable us to create even more unique gameplay variants.

This is just a small part of all the changes that the game will get in December. An extensive list of fixes can be found on the official website. After reading it, we can only be patient and hope that both of the announced updates really will improve the player experience.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

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