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News video games 15 September 2016, 12:19

author: luckie

Divinity: Original Sin II is hitting Steam Early Access today

As of today, Divinity: Original Sin II is going to be available as a Steam Early Access game. This early build contains the first act of the single player campaign as well as PvP arena.

Since yesterday, Divinity: Original Sin II playable alpha has been available for Kickstarter backers on Steam, whereas today the game is officially going into Early Access, open for everyone who picks up its copy. This early build offers the very first act of the single player campaign, which follows up on the story told in Divinity: Original Sin, the 2014 successful RPG from Larian Studios and a part of a much longer series set in a fantasy universe. There is also a PvP arena with a range of maps and two battle modes – note, however, that at this point the gameplay may be far from balanced. If you are a backer, this is where you will find the instruction on how to claim your Steam key.

While in the original Original Sin we played as two Source Hunters, a group determined to eliminate a forbidden school of magic, this time we will observe the conflict from the other side of the barricade while playing as a user of the Source. In the first act, available in the Early Access version, our character will have to escape from Fort Joy, a not so joyous prison for convicted Sourcerers. Although at this point it’s too soon to evaluate Divinity: Original Sin II, there are many opinions out there on the Internet that Larian Studios managed to improve many of its key aspects as compared with the previous game.

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