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Most popular News - September 2016

GTA 5 Redux available now – download the complete fan-made overhaul for free

luckie, 19 September 2016, 12:40

The world's most amibitious mod for Grand Theft Auto V is now live. You can download GTA 5 Redux for free.

Cyberpunk 2077 may feature seamless multiplayer and a huge living city

luckie, 27 September 2016, 15:01

CD Projekt RED wants Cyberpunk 2077 to be even better than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. That is why they applied for a grant for creating seamless multiplayer and a huge living city.

Cold Waters, Sid Meier's Red Storm Rising spiritual successor, announced

luckie, 30 September 2016, 12:04

If you remember Sid Meier's Red Storm Rising released back in 1988, you'll be interested in Cold Waters, a spiritual successor to that classic cross between strategy and simulator. Cold Waters is very much like that game, but with modern feel.

League of Legends to get a board game called Mechs Vs. Minions

luckie, 13 September 2016, 12:18

Are you a fan of League of Legends and board games? Then Mechs Vs. Minions will be right up your alley. Riot Games is apparently working on a 4-player board game set in their MOBA universe.

NVIDIA presents Vault 1080, a Fallout 4 mod releasing tomorrow

luckie, 01 September 2016, 12:58

Fallout 4 fans - especially the ones with GeForce graphics cards on board - may want to check out Vault 1080, a dark-themed mod from NVIDIA. The project is going to launch on September 2.

Wasteland 3 announced, will feature co-operative multiplayer and vehicles

Jakub Mirowski, 28 September 2016, 14:22

inXile Entertainment has announced Wasteland 3, the third installment in the series of post-apocalyptic classic RPGs, and specified the additions it is bringing to the already known formula.

Cyberpunk 2077 team joined by Quantum Break lead designer and an ex-Rockstar North gameplay producer

luckie, 29 September 2016, 15:48

Quantum Break lead designer and gameplay producer from Rockstar North have joined the Cyberpunk 2077 team. Looks like The Witcher 3 devs are serious about making their next game even more awesome.

The Crew is the next Ubi30 free game

luckie, 08 September 2016, 11:30

Starting September 14, all members of Ubisoft Club will be able to claim The Crew, a successful open world racing game, on PC for free.

Total War: Warhammer gets The Grim and the Grave DLC and a free Legendary Lord Pack

luckie, 02 September 2016, 10:58

The Grim and the Grave is the newly released paid DLC for Total War: Warhammer. Besides, the game has also received a free Legendary Lord Pack.

Hitman: The Complete First Season to hit shelves in January

luckie, 01 September 2016, 14:59

Square Enix have announced the release date and content of Hitman boxed edtion. Hitman: The Complete First Season is going to hit the stores on January 31, 2017.

EVE Online goes freemium

Mathias Zulpo, 01 September 2016, 15:25

EVE Online, an MMO space-simulator released in 2003, is to change its current subscription model from obligatory to optional, allowing new players to extensively try out the game for free.

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition released, free for previous owners

luckie, 01 September 2016, 13:39

Titan Quest, a successful hack-and-slash from 2006, has got an Anniversary Edition, which is free for all those who already own the original Steam release.

Bored of surival games? Check out Osiris: New Dawn

luckie, 28 September 2016, 14:38

Do you feel like playing a survival game, but get discouraged by tedious mechanics that boil down to eating and gathering resources? Osiris: New Dawn may be something just for you. While a survival at its core, its main focus is on combat and exploration.

CDP RED: More developers are working on Cyberpunk 2077 than have ever been working on The Witcher 3

Mathias Zulpo, 06 September 2016, 10:52

CD Projekt RED spokesperson has stated that there are currently more people involved in the production of Cyberpunk 2077 than there were in any other game in the developer’s history, including The Witcher 3. There was no more info disclosed.

All Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed, featuring War Pigeon Mode

luckie, 21 September 2016, 12:07

You can now read about every map and mode that will be available in Battlefield 1 upon the game's release on October 21, 2016.

Divinity: Original Sin II is hitting Steam Early Access today

luckie, 15 September 2016, 12:19

As of today, Divinity: Original Sin II is going to be available as a Steam Early Access game. This early build contains the first act of the single player campaign as well as PvP arena.

Tekken 7 unlikely to support cross-play between PC and consoles

luckie, 26 September 2016, 14:37

Looks like PC players will not be allowed to play Tekken 7 together with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans. According to the devs, the former are notorious for cheating.

Petroglyph announce 8-bit Invaders, due this November

luckie, 26 September 2016, 13:35

Petroglyph's 8-bit RTS series is soon going to get another installment. Set in a sci-fi universe, 8-bit Invaders will feature new factions and maps as well as enhanced game modes.

Mass Effect: Andromeda first gameplay video ever revealed at PS Meeting

luckie, 08 September 2016, 09:59

Here it is, Mass Effect: Andromeda first gameplay video, shown at PlayStation Meeting. An actual trailer will be revealed on November 7.

Will Beyond Good & Evil 2 be a prequel? Michel Ancel teases a picture from the game

luckie, 27 September 2016, 14:08

Michel Ancel posted a picture that clearly refers to Beyond Good & Evil. It's quite possible that the next installment in the franchise will be a prequel.