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News video games 02 May 2019, 21:52

author: Konrad Serafinski

Dragon Age 4 Is BioWare's Main Priority - Anthem Loses Developers

Three key members of the team working on Anthem have left the project. The reason for their departure is their involvement in the production of Dragon Age 4. How will it affect the further development of Anthem?

Dragon Age 4 Is BioWares Main Priority - Anthem Loses Developers - picture #1
Anthem allows players to fly, but in the meantime, it's falling down...

Although some of you may find it hard to believe (especially after the release), Anthem was going to be supported for 10 years from its debut. The question is whether, in the face of the recent events, such a scenario still remains real? For some time now, it has been increasingly difficult to find people willing to join the team, because the number of people playing in the title is steadily decreasing. And this is not the only disturbing news from the BioWare camp. Despite recent assurances that Anthem repairs will be a priority for the studio, the latest news seems to deny it.

Recently, as many as three key members of the development team Anthem have left the project. These include Mark Darrah (executive producer), Michael Gamble (main producer) and Jonathan Warner (main director). It is interesting that only the last of the mentioned gentlemen intends to return to the work on the title. The reason for the departure of the first two is their involvement in the production of Dragon Age 4 - a priority project for BioWare. We have to admit that the whole situation does not look good from the perspective of Anthem players, who probably still expect new updates for the game. The situation was strongly commented on by Mark Darrah, who posted a post on Twitter:

We're not working on Dragon Age 3.

We're not working on Dragon Age 5.


I think you know what's going on.

Michael Gamble, when asked on Twitter by one of his fans about who's working on Anthem now, replied that it's Ben Irving (the main producer) and Chad Robertson (responsible for the network services). Fans can only hope that these two will take proper care of the title (until the last player disappears from the servers).

Interestingly, some time ago BioWare clearly indicated that Anthem will not affect the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. As you can see, the creators were telling the truth, but did not mention that the mechanism does not work the other way around. Unfortunately, the latest reports about Dragon Age 4 also do not inspire with optimism. The title is supposed to put emphasis on network elements and take the form of a service game.

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