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Marvel's Avengers to be Announced on E3 2019

Michael Kulakowski, 29 May 2019, 23:52

We learned the official title of the game based on the comic book adventures of Marvel's Avengers, which was announced in 2017 by Square Enix. We also learned that the official presentation of the game will take place at the upcoming fair E3.

New Call of Duty Will be Revealed Tomorrow

ElMundo, 29 May 2019, 23:37

A short trailer appeared on the web, revealing the date of the official presentation of the new game from the Call of Duty series, developed by Infinity Ward.

New Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Release Date

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 May 2019, 22:54

We got another trailer of Death Stranding and with it the first gameplay footage from the new title of Hideo Kojima. The video also reveals the game's release date.

EA Won't Show the New Need for Speed on E3 2019

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 May 2019, 22:19

The new installment of the Need for Speed series will not be released in June. Such information was provided by Ben Walke from Electronic Arts in an entry devoted to the upcoming game. By the way, he confirmed that the title will be published later this year.

Jason Schreier: Cyberpunk 2077 is Definitely Not Coming This Year

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 May 2019, 21:51

Jason Schreier from Kotaku referred to rumors about the release date of Cyberpunk 2077. According to the journalist, the new CD Projekt RED game will certainly not be released this year.

Industry Wants to Remove Gaming Disorder From IDC-11

Frozen, 29 May 2019, 20:39

In response to the World Health Organisation's decision to classify gaming addiction as a disease, the American ESA, in agreement with several other institutions, issued a statement calling for the withdrawal of the controversial decision.

Jason Schreier Reveals the Release Date of The Last of Us Part 2

Agnes Adamus, 29 May 2019, 19:55

Kotaku's Jason Schreier has found new information about the release date of The Last of Us: Part II. According to his sources, the next game from Naughty Dog will appear later than reported by recent leaks.

AMD Shares Go Up After Thanks to New Ryzens and Navi GPUs

Conrad Hazi, 29 May 2019, 19:35

After the official presentation of the new Ryzen 3000 series processors and Navi graphics cards, AMD shares on NASDAQ went up a lot. Analysts and investors believe that the new designs can enable the manufacturer to increase its market share and compete more effectively with Intel.

Detective Pikachu and Pokemon Masters Sequel Announced

Adrian Werner, 29 May 2019, 19:31

Pokemon Masters and the continuation of the adventure game Detective Pikachu have been announced. Pokemon HOME and Pokemon Sleep are also planned. All these novelties were revealed at a conference organised by The Pokemon Company in Tokyo.

Blizzard CEO: We are Mainly PC Developers and This Won't Change

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 18:28

In an interview for Game Informer, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that his company creates mainly PC games. The studio does not intend to give up PCs, although it recognizes the importance of the mobile market.

Death Stranding Stream is On; Release Date Leaked

Milosz Szubert, 29 May 2019, 16:35

A live broadcast has started on the official PlayStation Twitch channel, which should be crowned with a new trailer of Death Stranding, i.e. the latest project of Hideo Kojima. More than 90,000 people are watching it.

Polish Geralt Voice Actor Hospitalized after Stroke

Christian Pieniazek, 29 May 2019, 15:28

Jacek Rozenek, an actor known to Polish players as the voice of Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher series, suffered a stroke that caused paralysis of the right side of his body and total loss of speech ability. Doctors fight to make sure that his body regains full functionality.

Amazon Sold Motorola's Smartphone Before it was Announced

ElMundo, 29 May 2019, 13:24

Although Motorola Moto Z4 was not officially announced, by Amazon's mistake the smartphone reached its first owner. Thanks to this we got to know the details of this model.

Borderlands 2 Gets a Borderlands 3 Prequel DLC?

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 12:49

PlayStation Lifestyle has found an anonymous source of information suggesting that Borderlands 2 will see a new expansion in the coming weeks. The planned DLC would be an introduction to the third installment.

THQ Nordic Will Announce New Installment of Red Faction?

Adrian Werner, 29 May 2019, 12:42

Everything seems to indicate that THQ Nordic is preparing to reveal Red Faction Evolution, a new installment of the popular series of shooters from Volition. We expect the project to be announced at E3 2019.

Starbase - Vast MMO With Destructible Environments Revealed

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 12:39

Frozenbyte has announced Starbase, a promising space MMO that stands out for its high level of gameplay freedom and a completely destructible environment. We'll be able to play it this year.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy PC Gets Age Rating in Taiwan

Christian Pieniazek, 29 May 2019, 12:14

A Taiwanese age rating organisation claims that Spyro Reignited Trilogy is coming to PCs. The team at Iron Galaxy Studios, which previously worked on games such as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or Killer Instinct, will be responsible for preparing the PC version of the collection.

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Not Support Mods At Launch

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 12:06

Developers from CD Projekt RED reported that the Cyberpunk 2077 RPG will not offer support for mods on the release day. The feature may be added afterwards, but for the time being, the team is focused on core elements of the game.

Star Citizen Devs Show Off Procedurally Generated Caves

Bart Swiatek, 29 May 2019, 11:15

In a recent stream, the devs from the Cloud Imperium Games studio talked about technology that allows them to randomly generate caves in Star Citizen. They promise that thanks to advanced technology, the game will feature thousands of unique locations.

Intel Ice Lake CPU Laptops in Next Few Months

Sin, 29 May 2019, 11:00

New architecture and improved performance are the features of the 10th generation Intel Core Ice Lake processors. Will the great promises of the company be fulfilled? We'll find out soon enough.