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News video games 07 November 2022, 13:18

Techland Talks About Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties and it Talks a Lot

The release of Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties is just around the corner so Techland has prepared another episode of Dying 2 Know. The developers discussed all the new features that await players in the DLC - missions, challenges, weapons and enemies. It will even feature the city of Harran.

On November 6, studio Techland held a special episode of the Dying 2 Know series. The previous ones were held before the release of Dying Light 2, and the topic of this one was the Bloody Ties DLC, which - after a minor delay - will debut this Thursday, November 10.

The main point of the presentation was the demonstration of a new trailer. The trailer, which lasts almost two and a half minutes, can be watched below.

The stream was recorded in a location staged at Carnage Hall - the opera house building where the expansion's action is to take place. Over time, it has been transformed into an arena for bloody fights. Aiden will encounter several new NPCs, suich as "post-apocalyptic number one star" Astrid, the current champion using the nickname Skullface, who will do anything to keep his title, or the friendly Ciro.

First, however, the protagonist will have to prove himself in three demanding trials to even secure entry to Carnage Hall. Despite the effort, it will quickly turn out that getting out of the arena is even more difficult - as only one player can leave it alive.

The enemies we will encounter are expected to be completely unique to Bloody Ties. One of them will be an infected known as the Gorilla - an extremely powerful, muscular and fast beast, which in addition can jump great distances.

The DLC will also introduce a number of new weapons, led by the Carnage Manica This is a kind of gauntlet, which is used both to block powerful blows of enemies and to deal damage. Tthe item can also be upgraded to strike with electricity or set on fire.

In addition, the expansion will offer many new challenges. The main attraction - both for the audience in the Carnage Hall and for the player - is to be the performances. To complete them, Aiden will have to demonstrate his strength and agility. Suffice it to say that for them, it will be necessary to become a prince of thieves, visit the forge of Hephaestus or spend a day in a place familiar to fans of the first Dying Light - Harran.

Speaking of the first part of the series, Techland is also preparing an update to Dying Light 2 dedicated precisely to fans of the first game. What's more, its owners who decide to purchase Bloody Ties before the release - or on the day of the release at the latest - will receive a costume of a member of the Rais' gang. An aristocrat package also awaits "pre-orderers": a unique outfit and a powerful axe.

Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties will be available on all platforms supported by the basic version of the game, i.e. PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, XSX/S and Switch. You can watch the full recording of yesterday's Dying 2 Know here.

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