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News video games 09 November 2022, 16:14

author: Jakub Tarchala

Dying Light 2 Brings Back Beloved Feature From First Installment

The latest update to Dying Light 2 will introduce a throng of improvements that should appeal to fans of the first installment. The patch will come out in parallel with the Bloody Ties DLC.

Premiere of Dying Light 2, despite many positive reviews, met with cold reception from gamers. Mainly bugs were criticized , including death-loop bug making it impossible to complete the game. Techland is continuously working on further updates, which have significantly improved the game's user experience since its release. The next update is expected to arrive tomorrow, and the changes should please fans of the first part.

X-Ray and darker atmosphere

Information about update 1.7.2 has been posted on the game's official website. The main novelty is to be the restoration of the zombie x-ray, which was present in the original Dying Light, but was missing in Dying Light 2. The feature adds impact to combat scenes, activating an impressive bone-breaking animation when the player manages to stun or finish off an enemy. This is supposed to be only the first stage of introducing this feature. It will be further refined in the future.

In addition, players longing for the gloomy atmosphere known from the first game will finally be able to play DL2: Stay Human. The latest patch will make the nights in the city of Villedor darker and the overall darkness deeper than it was before.

Update 1.7.2 - list of changes

The latest patch will introduce to Dying Light 2 a considerable number of changes. The list includes an inventory of the most important new features.

  • The ragdoll of objects thrown by the player has been improved. The trajectory is supposed to match that of the first part.
  • Devs implemented a new tutorial on upgrading items.
  • A number of bugs has been fixed, including with the awarding of achievements for completing the game, missing textures, unlimited endurance in time trials and the ability to glitching through elevator.
  • A preview of the character's owned outfits has been added.
  • Introduced the possibility to exit the game in cooperative mode when the host dies during some story quests.
  • Raindrops will be correctly displayed on the water surface.
  • Compatibility with Steam Offline mode has been introduced, which will allow the game to work properly without Internet access.

The update is scheduled for release on November 10.

Release of Bloody Ties DLC

The first story DLC will also be released on November 10. Bloody Ties will include a new location Carnage Hall - the epicenter of the slaughter caused by the virus. In the story we will play as one of the brave warriors, embroiled in a conspiracy for power and revenge. The DLC will introduce a greater variety of infected, including the powerful "Gorilla" or the fire-breathing "Inferno."

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