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News video games 14 June 2021, 17:29

author: Milosz Szubert

Dying Light 2 Devs Discuss the Story and the Main Character

On the occasion of PC Gaming Show we received some new information about Dying Light 2. We heard a few details about the main character - Aiden Caldwell - and the world in which we will play.

  1. During the PC Gaming Show conference Techland representatives shared new information on Dying Light 2;
  2. We got to know details about the game's setting and protagonist;
  3. Moreover, a short interview with one of the creators was published, in which he explains, among other things, how the side quests will influence the shape of the game world.

The development of Dying Light 2 is slowly but steadily moving forward. During yesterday's PC Gaming Show conference, representatives of Techland shared some new information about the upcoming sequel to the popular first-person action game from 2015. You can find the footage below.

Here is a summary of information contained in the quoted video - the title's action will take place in 2036 in a city whose streets have been overrun by bloodthirsty zombie-like monsters. The survivors found shelter on the roofs of buildings. The main character of the story is Aiden Caldwell. At a young age, he was imprisoned together with his sister, Mia, and many other children in a mysterious medical facility where experiments were performed on them. Eventually, a fire breaks out in their prison. The protagonist manages to escape death and is transported by the military to the city. Unfortunately, his sister was left behind. For years, Aiden has been haunted by remorse for having abandoned his sister. His main goal in life has become finding the woman and learning the secret of his identity. The story told in the game begins when he stumbles upon his sister's trail.

The above video is complemented by another material, prepared by the editors of GamesRadar . In it, Dawid Lubryka, an animation specialist at Techland, talks about the role of side quests that will affect the shape of the world, the co-op mode and the living world, in which NPCs are supposed to behave differently depending on where they are and what decisions have been made by the player. The creator stressed that the story told in Dying Light 2 will force us to think and is to draw players in for hours.

Whether it will actually be so, we should find out on December 7. That's when, according to current plans, Dying Light 2 will debut on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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