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News video games 10 March 2021, 22:28

author: Paul Musiolik

Massive Scandal Hits FUT and EA Sports; Employee Accused of Selling Cards

A massive scandal has rocked the world of FUT and FIFA. An EA employee was accused on Twitter of trading cards for real cash, which is allegedly impossible, according to EA.

  1. Scandal marked as #EAGate erupted on Twitter, in which an EA employee was accused of trading FUT cards;
  2. The evidence shows that the alleged business is in full swing and a single transaction brings as much as $1000;
  3. Electronic Arts has not yet commented on the accusations.

For years Electronic Arts has claimed that it is impossible to buy cards for FUT, a mode featured in the FIFA series, for real money. This stance even appeared in a lawsuit as the official line of defense, indicating that we must first purchase FIFA points, and only they can be used to buy football cards. However, this view could change with the ever-growing #EAGate scandal.

In a scandal that broke today, an alleged Electronic Arts employee has been accused of selling FIFA Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 21 for real money. Along with information about the practice, screenshots of conversations that the EA employee allegedly had with potential customers have been released.

According to the trader, quite a few people have already used his services and were satisfied with the cards they received. The price of 3 Icon cards closes in 750 dollars, and a set of 3 Icons and 2 TOTY cards costs 1000 dollars.

How does the buyer get the cards? They give the employee his PSN or EA ID, who, after verification and receipt of payment, sends the cards to the buyer's accout. If the whole situation is confirmed, we will have a huge scandal around the FIFA series on our hands, a series which has long been accused of balancing the thin line separating it from gambling.

FIFA streamers have spoken out on the matter. NepentheZ was one of those who commented on it, writing that the scandal is a huge "kick in the balls" for everyone associated with the FIFA series.

Another streamer, Nick28T, was more blunt about the matter, ironically commenting on the fact that lots of painstaking grind are needed to get a chance to receive such a card, when paying an EA employee would have been enough.

In addition, he shared a short video received from the viewer, documenting the use of the offer to purchase cards.

Electronic Arts for now does not comment on the matter, but if we look at the pace of sunsequent developments, it may soon be forced to do so. Accusations are serious and can affect not only the gaming community, but also involve possible court cases, which the corporation could be showered with.

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