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News video games 11 March 2021, 11:04

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Open Beta of WWII FPS Enlisted Coming This Year

Enlisted - an unusual FPS from the creators of War Thunder - may begin open beta tests as early as this year. The information was provided by Sergey Kolganov from Darkflow Software.

Enlisted has been in closed beta testing on Xbox Series X/S and PC since November, with PlayStation 5 owners recently joining in, but the question is how long this intriguing FPS from Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software will be available only to pre-order purchasers. The answer comes in an article published by Wccftech. Lead producer Sergey Kolganov announced in an interview with the website that Enlisted's open beta should begin later this year.

Of course, there could be a long way between open beta testing and the game's release, and Kolganov's statement seems to confirm that we won't be seeing Enlisted version 1.0 this year. Fortunately, there are no signs that Darkflow Software is slacking off with the development. Simultaneously with the start of testing on PlayStation consoles, players received the Invasion of Normandy campaign, which adds 18 missions with unique vehicles, weapons and troops, inspired by the largest landing operation in history. More (though not necessarily major) updates are also constantly being released, with the latest one going live just yesterday.

During Wccftech's conversation with Kolganov and Anton Judintsev (CEO of Gaijin Entertainment) several other topics were also discussed. Some of them concerned technical issues, including problems (or rather, lack of thereof) with the porting from Microsoft platforms to PlayStation 5 and the announced support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and DirectML libraries (which is unlikely to happen in the near future). The dev also assured that the team is listening carefully to the comments of the players, for example, on the malfunctioning AI of subordinates (somewhat improved in recent updates, by the way) and a bit too random system of progression. The talk also confirmed a progress wipe after the closed beta ends, with players retaining the gains from purchased packs or Twitch gifs.

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