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News video games 13 January 2021, 12:40

author: Adrian Werner

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Launches in Spring; Test Schedule Revealed

The team at Frontier Developments revealed plans for the Elite: Dangerous - Odyssey expansion pack. We found out when testing will begin and learned the release dates on PC and consoles.

  1. Early spring 2021: alpha tests'
  2. Late spring: full version release on PC;
  3. Fall 2021: release on consoles.

Frontier Developments revealed when we can expect the release of Elite: Dangerous - Odyssey, an ambitious paid expansion for the popular space simulator. We also learned a bit about the planned test schedule.

In early spring, the alpha version will be made available to PC players who purchased Elite Dangerous: Odyssey in the Deluxe Alpha edition or have the Lifetime Expansion Pass. Tests are to take place in phases, and each phase will introduce new elements so that the developers can thoroughly test them.

The full version will be released in late spring 2021, but only on PC. Console releases are planned, but we'll have to wait until autumn. After that Elite: Dangerous - Odyssey will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The delay of console versions is due to the desire to provide appropriate level of refinement. The devs expect that after the spring release of the full edition on PC it will be necessary to make many changes based on suggestions from the community of players. Only after their implementation will the expansion be ready for release on PS4 and Xbox One.

Expectations towards the project are huge, so the creators want to offer a game that will meet the fan expextations. Odyssey will enable us to, among other things, leave the cockpits of spaceships and explore the planets on foot, as well as to fight battles on their surfaces. Many people hope that the DLC will fulfill what Star Citizen was promising to be for almost a decade.

  1. Elite: Dangerous - official website
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