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News hardware & software 12 October 2020, 10:53

author: Bart Swiatek

Elon Musk Develops Supply Rocket for US Army

Elon Musk's SpaceX has signed several contracts with the US Army. The company is to create a super-fast supply rocket, among other things, for the Pentagon.


  1. SpaceX is to create for the U.S. Army missiles capable of carrying 80 tons of cargo at a speed of over 12,000 kilometres per hour;
  2. This will allow for deliveries to any place on Earth in about an hour.

SpaceX, a company founded by billionaire Elon Musk, has signed another contract with the US Army. Its aim is to create a rocket that will deliver cargo to any place on the planet in less than an hour. It is to travel at a speed of 7.5 thousand miles per hour (that's over 12 thousand km/h) and be able to carry up to 80 tons, payload equivalent to that of a C-17 transport plane. Exploration Architecture Corporation will also participate in research on the technology.

The rocket is to be used to transport military equipment. At this speed, it is possible, for example, to provide key equipment to soldiers in Afghanistan or other conflict areas in an instant. For comparison, the aforementioned C-17 Globemaster needs around fifteen hours to complete such journey.

Interestingly, the new rocket will have to be much more capable than the Falcon 9, which can carry only 22 tons of cargo.

It is worth noting that the contract is not the only one that SpaceX has recently signed with the Pentagon. The company will also create 149 million worth of missile guidance satellites.

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