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Details on God of War's Upgrades on PS5

Bart Woldanski, 27 October 2020, 21:50

Santa Monica Studio has revealed that 2018's God of War will offer an improved gameplay experience on PlayStation 5 compared to current generation. What resolution and performance can we expect?

PS5 Unboxing Videos, First Impressions and Comparisons

Christian Pieniazek, 27 October 2020, 21:40

The web was flooded with videos from unboxings of PlayStation 5 and the industry's first impressions of Sony's next-gen appeared in numbers, among which praise for the capabilities of the DualSense controller takes first place.

Ubisoft+ With New Features Will Replace Uplay+

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 October 2020, 21:13

Ubisoft has announced the end of Uplay+. The existing subscription will be replaced by Ubisoft+, which will offer support for new features like cross-platform play and Google Stadia and Amazon Luna services.

Halloween Update for No Man's Sky Goes Live

Paul Wozniak, 27 October 2020, 20:38

Yesterday, No Man's Sky received a halloween update, which gave players the opportunity to get unique materials needed to buy new items.

Elite Dangerous Horizons Free for Owners of Base Game

Michael Kulakowski, 27 October 2020, 20:36

Elite: Dangerous Horizons expansion pack for the popular space sim developed by Frontier Developments has just been made available for free to owners of the base game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

FIFA 21 Release Date on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Christian Pieniazek, 27 October 2020, 20:08

We've learned the release date of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. EA Sports' next-gen footbal sim will be available on sale shortly after the debut of the new consoles.

First Reviews: GeForce RTX 3070

Bart Woldanski, 27 October 2020, 19:42

Today, first independent reviews of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition GPU have been released online. Have the announcements suggesting GeForce RTX 2080 Ti-like performance been confirmed? Here's a summary of independed benchmarks.

Netflix Will Make Assassin's Creed TV Show

Christian Pieniazek, 27 October 2020, 19:27

Netflix and Ubisoft announced a collaboration which will result in a live-action TV series set in the universe of Assassin's Creed. In addition, it was revealed that they also plan several animations devoted to the conflict between Assassins and Templars.

Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox Series S Without Ray Tracing

Paul Wozniak, 27 October 2020, 18:00

We learned today that the special edition of Devil May Cry 5, which will go to Xbox Series S consoles will not support ray tracing technology.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again!

Christian Pieniazek, 27 October 2020, 17:59

CD Projekt RED informed about another delay in the release of their upcoming hit Cyberpunk 2077. Fortunately, this time the slip is not particularly huge.

Confirmed Water on The Moon May Help Expeditions to Mars

Bartlomiej Sagan, 27 October 2020, 17:43

Recent NASA studies have shown that the surface of the moon may contain large deposits of ice water. Will it be possible to use it for space exploration?

CoD: Warzone Cheaters Are Getting Brazen

Bart Swiatek, 27 October 2020, 17:15

Streamer festation used cheats in a livestream on Twitch. After merciless criticism from Internet users, his account was suspended.

Writer of ME Andromeda Now Works on Story of Vampire Bloodlines 2

Bart Woldanski, 27 October 2020, 16:32

We have learned the names of new people who, after the recent layoffs, will take up the script of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. They are co-writers of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

Watch Dogs Legion Trophy List Revealed

Carla, 27 October 2020, 15:32

A complete list of 40 trophies that we will be able to unlock in Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs Legion is now available on the web.

Tom Holland Got the Script of Spider-Man 3 But Won't Spoil It

Karol Laska, 27 October 2020, 15:30

Tom Holland boasted on social media that he just got the script for Spider-Man 3. However, the actor promises not to reveal the details of the plot, as he sometimes did in the past.

Mod Introduces The Elder Scrolls Races to Baldur's Gate 3

Adrian Werner, 27 October 2020, 14:14

An interesting mod, called Adventurer's Guide to Tamriel, appeared online. It introduces to the races known from The Elder Scrolls series to Baldur's Gate 3.

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Deny Alleged Plot Leak

Bart Swiatek, 27 October 2020, 13:54

CD Projekt RED denied the leak that appeared yesterday on 4chan forum. It suggested that the plot of Cyberpunk 2077 copies ideas from Fallout: New Vegas. We also found out that the review copies have not been sent out yet.

Xbox Series X/S Interface Officially Revealed

Adrian Werner, 27 October 2020, 13:21

Microsoft has released an extensive video showing the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console interface.

Leak Confirms RTX 3060 Ti; Possible Price Revealed

Bart Swiatek, 27 October 2020, 13:13

Several recent leaks on the web confirm the existence of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU. The new Ampere chip may appear on sale in mid-November and will probably be priced at about $400.

Head of Xbox on Microsoft's Plans

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 October 2020, 11:59

Phil Spencer from Microsoft raised the issue of the company's plans related to video games. The head of Xbox department referred, among other things, to the possibility of „taking in” more developers and the release of Game Pass on competitive platforms.