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Ghostrunner on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021

Paul Musiolik, 22 October 2020, 23:57

Ghostrunner will be released on next-gen consoles in 2021. Owners of PS4 and Xbox One versions will receive a free upgrade after release.

Here's Tom Holland as Nathan Drake on Set of Uncharted

Paul Wozniak, 22 October 2020, 20:43

Tom Holland has shared a photo from the set of Uncharted on his Instagram profile. We can see him posing as Nathan Drake.

First Dynamic Map Paramo Available in PUBG on PC

Milosz Szubert, 22 October 2020, 20:23

Yesterday, the PC version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds received a new update, numbered 9.1. It started the game's ninth competitive season and introduced, e.g. a new map - Paramo.

Halloween Items Bring New Disappointment to Red Dead Online

Bart Swiatek, 22 October 2020, 17:09

Red Dead Online recently received an update with content related to Halloween - new cosmetic items and Dead Night Mode. Unfortunately, some of these things turned out to be a disappointment for the community.

Unofficial RTX 3070 Benchmarks Confirm Performance Comparable to 2080 Ti

Bartlomiej Sagan, 22 October 2020, 17:00

The first benchmarks of Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3070 have emerged. They show that a much cheaper, performance equivalent of previous-gen flagship GPUs will soon appear on store shelves.

Giger Would be Proud; 14 Minutes With Scorn

Paul Musiolik, 22 October 2020, 16:46

Horror game Scorn, which will appear exclusively on Xbox Series S|X and PC, will be on sale in 2021. Ebb Software showed 14 minutes of gameplay from the console version.

Kojima Productions Confirms Work on New Game

Milosz Szubert, 22 October 2020, 16:31

We received another confirmation that Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions are already preparing a new game. The information was posted on studio's official Twitter account.

DedSec „Hacks” Ubisoft as Part of Ad Campaign

Christian Pieniazek, 22 October 2020, 16:04

A week before the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion, covers of other Ubisoft games available in Microsoft's store were „hacked”. Neither the Assassin's Creed series, nor Tom Clancy's games, nor even innocent titles such as Steep or Trials Rising were spared.

WoW Players Complain About Poles and Polish Server

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 October 2020, 15:59

Some time ago, Blizzard decided to merge a handful of smaller World of Warcraft servers with Burning Legion, the unofficial realm run by Polish community. The result: complaining about slavic players, who are less than eager to welcome foreign gamers with open arms.

5G on iPhone 12 Makes Short Work of Battery

Arkadiusz Strzala, 22 October 2020, 15:38

The first tests of iPhone 12 prove that the battery is not among its strong points. As if that wasn't enough, active 5G mode has a significant effect on battery depletion speed. It grows by almost 20%.

Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Adds Missions and Career Mode

Bart Swiatek, 22 October 2020, 15:30

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received a free mod called NeoFly, which introduces missions and career modes that enable us to become a freelance pilot.

First Reviews: Borat 2 - Sacha Baron Cohen Amuses and Scares

Karol Laska, 22 October 2020, 15:05

Film critics commented on Borat 2. The work was very well received and once again offers a lot of fun, and at the same time gives some hard food for thought.

Soon We Won't Play Minecraft on PC Without Microsoft Account

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 October 2020, 13:42

Mojang confirmed the rumors about the planned migration in Minecraft. Soon, owners of the Java Edition will have to create a Microsoft account if they want to continue playing the game.

Fresh Gameplay From Evil Genius 2

Adrian Werner, 22 October 2020, 13:03

Rebellion released new video from the spy strategy game Evil Genius 2, on which it shows and discusses the gameplay.

Uplay and Ubisoft Rewards to be Replaced by New Service

Paul Musiolik, 22 October 2020, 12:15

Ubisoft Connect will replace Uplay and the Ubisoft Club loyalty program. The new platform will provide support for cross-play and cross-save options in upcoming games.

Rune 2 Publisher Accuses Bethesda of Sabotage

Adrian Werner, 22 October 2020, 11:14

Ragnarok Game's lawsuit against former Human Head studio was expanded to include Bethesda and Zenimax, who are sait to have deliberately sabotaged Rune 2, fearing that it might compete with The Elder Scrolls series.