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News video games 13 November 2020, 19:52

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Enlisted Beta Launches; New FPS From War Thunder Devs

Closed beta-tests of Enlisted, a WWII online shooter, have begun. The game co-produced by Gaijin Entertainment can already be checked by all players, as long as they are willing to pay for access.

Nearly four years have passed since the announcement of the WWII shooter created by War Thunder devs. If you are still interested in the title, you now have a chance to test it in action. Gaijin Entertainment announced the launch of Enlisted's closed beta-tests. The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer, which you can watch below.

Enlisted's beta is available on PCs and Xbox Series X/S (as part of Game Preview) for alpha-test participants and buyers of Founder's Packs, i.e. packs with units and premium weapons for the Soviets or Germans. Each of them costs 29.99 EUR, but it is also possible to buy both sets together at a lower price (47.98 EUR). In return, you can check the gameplay in this unusual shooter, in which we command a whole squad of soldiers. For now, the players will only test the Battle for the Moscow campaign, to help the devs fine-tune the progression system, game balance, etc. Any errors can be reported on the official game's forum.

We don't know yet when the full version of Enlisted will launch. It probably won't happen too soon, but it's better to wait for official information. In the meantime, you can watch more gameplay footage that has been released since the beginning of the closed beta. Two of these videos - one from the PC version, the second from the XSX/S version - are posted below.



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