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News video games 15 March 2021, 10:46

author: Bart Swiatek

Europa Universalis 4 Leviathan Expansion Pack Announced

Europa Universalis IV will receive a new expansion, titled Leviathan. We can expect, among others, changes in the diplomacy system and more emphasis on the development of the capital.


  1. Europa Universalis 4 will receive the Leviathan expansion, which will make improvements to the diplomacy system and allow for a stronger focus on capital development;
  2. The expansion is set to debut later this month;
  3. In a few days a subscription offering access to all DLC will also be launched.

During the Game Dev Direct event, the Paradox Insider presentation took place, revealing a number of details about Paradox Interactive's games. One of the titles that appeared on the show was the strategy game Europa Universalis IV - it will soon get a new expansion, titled Leviathan (via PCInvasion).

The expansion will introduce several key changes. Thanks to Concentrate Development option we'll be able to focus more on expanding the capital city, creating a powerful, thriving metropolis. Centralize State will enable us to minimize development costs, while Expand Infrastructure will allow for several manufacturers to work in the same province.

The DLC will also introduce significant improvements to the diplomacy system - the changes will bring it closer to the mechanics of favors known from The Cossacks expansion. We'll be able to use a special action called Curry Favors to build up a kind of "stockpile" of favors that may come in handy in key moments of the game.

The Leviathan expansion for Europa Universalis IV should debut later this month. Johan Andersson, studio manager of Paradox Tinto, also announced that the DLC subscription for the game, announced some time ago, will begin on March 18 - by paying $5 per month we'll get access to all current and future expansions.

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