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News video games 24 January 2020, 11:10

author: Czarus

Paradox Tests Subscription for EU4 Expansions [Updated]

Paradox Interactive recently shared its plans to develop the Europa Universalis franchise. It appears that the publisher has decided to test a subscription option for the expansions to EU4, the fourth part of the series.


Several doubts about subscriptions to Europa Universalis IV expansions have been cleared. As we can see on this screenshot posted by a Polish user on Reddit, the subscription costs 17.99 PLN per month, which is around $5. The subscription provides access to all major expansions, more than 40 sets with cosmetic itemsand music, as well as a special unit model - European cuirassier with a pistol.

Original message

The day before yesterday, Paradox Development Studio's Europa Universalis IV received patch number 1.29.4, which... did nothing at all. It caused speculation among the fans. Doubts were dispelled by representatives of the publisher, Paradox Interactive. It turned out that the patch was preparing the ground for the introduction of a new option to purchase EU4 expansions, namely via paid subscription.

I can see my house from here!

In the statement we read that Paradox Interactive has yielded to the requests of players who complained that it is very expensive to buy the game and all its add-ons. At the same time, the company reassures that the expansions will still be available in traditional sale, and those who have acquired them in this way can rest assured that nothing will change in their case.

So far, the implementation of this change is not certain; it all depends on the reaction of the community. In the near future, selected people will be offered a paid subscription. There's nothing left but to wait for more information.

It is still unclear how much such a subscription would cost, and judging by the post, the creators are not sure about that either. Currently, the purchase of EU4 (in the Extreme Edition version) together with all additions costs as much as around $325. This is the price for more than 6 years of game development and 30 expansions. Of course, Europa Universalis IV is an old title, so it is regularly discounted. Only yesterday we were writing about the latest Humble Bundle containing the game.

Paradox Development Studio and the publisher Paradox Interactive are creators of popular strategic titles that have found their niche. The games from the Crusader Kings series, Europa Universalis or Hearts of Iron have loyal fans.

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