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News video games 01 April 2022, 19:32

Everspace 2 Stinger's Debut Update Launches

Everspace 2, the gorgeous space simulator available in Early Access, has received this year's first major update. The game has gained a new class of fighters and significant changes to the crafting system.

The first of three major announced for Everspace 2 this year is now available. In addition to a new light fighter class and new modules for ships and story missions, the patch Stinger's Debut introduces significant changes in the crafting system and resource management. And this is only a part of the content of this patch - it is discussed in more detail in the trailer below.

If you are up to date with announcements from the developer responsible for Everspace 2, studio Rockfish Games, you surely remember that the first update this year was to be called Rogue's Debut and not Stinger's Debut. However, it was eventually changed, as one of the most important things it introduces is a new class of ships - the eponymous Stinger.

Everspace 2: Stinger's Debut highlights

  • The addition of the Stinger - a new class of light fighters, designed for fans of fast flying and frequent use of the ship's "skills", i.e. the ultimate void swarm, which immediately resets the cooldown of onboard devices after use.
  • Enemy forces have also received new units, including the Okkar Clerical Corvette and Okkar Prime.
  • A number of fresh missions have been introduced, including the second part of the Parasite side quest. The developers only need to complete one and a half quests to complete the main story line provided in Early Access.
  • The crafting system has undergone a small revolution - from now on it will not be a lifeline for those who lack luck with item drops. Crafting blueprints can finally be obtained from defeated enemies (until now, they were obtained by dismantling three identical items of the same level). Moreover, components (previously known as technological resources) have been added to the crafting list. In other words, randomization in item acquiring has been significantly reduced.
  • One of the new things that can be crafted are catalysts. They are used to modify the specialization of other parts of the ship, so their schematics can be obtained only by defeating more difficult bosses.
  • The way of upgrading onboard devices has also been changed - from now on each of them can be upgraded up to four times (increasing the duration and strength of the effects generated by them or reducing their cooldown). Access to the three modes of use will be gained only after upgrading a given module to the highest level.
  • In response to complaints from players, the developer has balanced the number of experience points so that when we start a new game, the 10th level (out of twenty possible to acquire) is reached more or less after completing main and side story missions and challenges in the Ceto system.
  • Additionally vrious difficulty levels have been introduced - very easy, easy, normal, difficult and very difficult - which can be changed at any time during the game. However, the developers warn that this system is at a fairly early stage of development. Changing the settings currently only affects the damage dealt by enemies, their accuracy and the number of endurance points. Ultimately, however, it should affect the frequency of enemy spawning, as well as the economy and game rules, including the quality of acquired resources.
  • Twelve language versions were added.

This, of course, is not all the changes, coming toEverspace 2 throught the Stinger's Debut update. You can read the full list of changes here.

Finally, there's one more thing worth mentioning. Most of the things I described above, came both to the paid version of the game offered in early access, as well as to its free demo version. The latter can be found, among others, on Steam.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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