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News video games 20 March 2020, 12:01

author: Czarus

Fallout 76 - Toilet Paper a New Luxury Good

In Fallout 76, Bethesda Softworks has launched a new luxury good. It's a toilet paper. Nowadays one roll can cost even tens of thousands of caps.


  • Toilet paper is a new luxury item in Fallout 76 and its prices can be dizzying.

Recently, it seems that everything seems to be on its head - streets are empty, schools are closed, some products missing from the shops of some countries. Nowadays, one of the more desirable goods, at least for some people, seems to be toilet paper. Whether by simple prevention or in a fit of hoarding - people can buy crazy amounts of this good. Of course, all this is due to the difficult situation related to the coronavirus pandemic and trying to deal with it - that much makes sense. But how to explain the rise in toilet paper prices in like Fallout 76, where there is no special use for it and it will never run out? Reddit user HistoricPigDog asked himself the same question and approached the community to get an answer. He was surprised that he was able to sell someone a roll of worthless paper for 450 caps.

On April 7, a large update titled Wastelanders will be released. Source: Bethesda

He received some interesting comments in response:

Alexander_Hancock: "Because they can. The power of money. Or caps."

Aussiex01: "I guess they couldn't get them in store :)"

bigjon176: "I have sold my only one for 20k caps I put it up as a joke. Joke is on me I should have listed it for 30k."

User johnmike98 took the matter a little more seriously. He said that it's because of the lack of new content - the players already have everything - so instead of buying good equipment, they buy jokes.

"It’s more entertainment at this point to spend 20k on a damn toilet paper than anything else the game has to offee"

Surely games can be a reflection of the real world in a distorted mirror, and this seems to be one such case.

Most players simply put their supply on display to flex:

But some have gone one step further and have given the whole action a spiritual aspect:

In the end, there is only one place where such expensive toilet paper could be useful:

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