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News video games 29 June 2021, 12:13

author: Adrian Werner

Quake Remaster in the Pipeline? id Software Works on Project 2021B

Thanks to an Australian age rating agency, we now know that id Software is working on Project 2021B. Many are speculating that this is about a remaster of the first installment of Quake.

  1. id Software is working on Project 2021B;
  2. A mention of the game appeared on the website of the Australian age rating agency;
  3. It is speculated that it will be a remaster of the first Quake;
  4. It's a different game than Project 2021A, which was revealed a few months ago.

Video game age rating agency databases are often a savvy source of information about unannounced productions. The latest example comes from the Australian Classification Board group. Users found a reference about a new game from id Software, the devs sof the Doom series, on its website.

The item is listed under the temporary title Project 2021B. Thus, it is not known exactly what it is. We only know that it will hit multiple platforms, will offer network elements and contain violent scenes, which is no surprise considering who is creating it. It is worth adding that it is not Project2021A, which was spotted on Australian Classification Board's website in January this year.

Many people suspect that the aforementioned Project2021A is the VR version of Doom Eternal. Interestingly, this game received the age category R18 , while Project 2021B was assessed more leniently - it was rated M. This is two ranks lower than R18, with MA15 between them.

Some gamers speculate that Project 2021B has something to do with Quake. A few days ago, the franchise celebrated its 25th birthday, so it's a good opportunity to remind players of the series. It is possible that it is a remaster of the first installment or a collection of several refreshed installments. These classic positions have very simple graphics by modern standards, so the violence in them does not shock so much, which could explain the M category.

It is also worth recalling that a few days ago there were speculations that id Software is working on a new version of Quake, where the playable character would be a woman. It may be about this game. Remasters of older games would also be a good way to generate interest in the franchise before a sequel is released. Fans have been creating their own remastered versions of the game for many years, with projects such as DarkPlaces and QuakeSpasm, but an official release would be warmly welcomed, especially as it would probably also be released on consoles.

  1. id Software - official website
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