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News video games 26 February 2021, 00:09

author: Paul Musiolik

Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to PS5; Next-gen PS4 Upgrade Available

Square Enix announced plans to release Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 5. The game will receive new content, improved graphics and gameplay system enhancements. We will be able to upgrade the PS4 version to next-gen version for free.

  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PS5 offering improved graphics and new content;
  2. Owners of the PS4 version will get a free next-gen upgrade;
  3. Two mobile releases were also announced - The First Soldier and Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will hit the PlayStation 5 as Intergrade. Square Enix showed the new version of the game presenting the changes and innovations that were prepared for dedicated PS5 version. The launch is set for June 10, 2021 with the option of a free next-gen upgrade of the PS4 version, but with a small catch.

It is an additional episode introducing the playable character Yuffie. If we use the next-gen upgrade option, we'll have to buy it separately (the price is unknown). In the boxed version, the extra should be available with the game.

FF VII Remake on PS5 will offer improved visuals, enabling us to choose between 4K resolution and raytracing at 30fps or 1440p at 60fps. Plus improved textures, higher quality lighting and fog effects. The PS5's SSD will also be utilised, allowing the game to load instantly.

There will also be new trophies, a number of improvements to the content management system, optional boss battles (a sneak preview shown at State of Play suggested the presence of Weiss from Dirge of Cerberus), additional challenges and a photo mode with multiple filters.

Also worth mentioning are two additional projects announced after State of Play. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a mobile battle royale game set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII.

The second game to hit the smartphones is Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which will collect the entire FF VII compilation (Before Crisis, Crisis Core, FF VII, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus) and tell the whole story in a more accessible, chaptered mobile format.

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