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Justice League Snyder Cut Gets Official Trailer

Adrian Piotrowski, 14 February 2021, 17:56

A trailer full of darkness and pathos. Justice League in Zack Snyder's version is coming soon. The trailer features, e.g. Joker, Darkseid and tons of destruction.

Wyrmstooth Mod for Skyrim Available Once Again

Adrian Piotrowski, 14 February 2021, 17:09

After the popular Skyrim mod called Wyrmstooth was removed from distribution in 2016, its author, Jonx0r, has made it available for download again.

AC: Valhalla Will Get Major Update and New Game Mode

Adrian Piotrowski, 14 February 2021, 17:01

Ubisoft assured that the February release of the free update called The River Raids, scheduled to add a new game mode, is not threatened. The developers are also preparing another patch to fix the most serious bugs.

$100 Million Worth of Crypto Stolen From Celebrities

Arkadiusz Strzala, 14 February 2021, 16:45

Ten people have been arrested in connection with the theft of $100 million in cryptocurrencies. The criminals used a method called SIM-swap, which means taking over a victim's phone number to withdraw funds from their bank account.

Valheim Plagued by World-destroying Bug; Devs Seek Solution

Paul Musiolik, 14 February 2021, 16:22

The extremely popular Valheim is struggling with a serious bug that removes player worlds. The studio responsible for the game knows about the issue, but is unable to reproduce it and thus fix it quickly.

Gameplay From Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector Gives Hope

Paul Musiolik, 14 February 2021, 16:10

Slitherine has shown Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector in action. The board game-inspired tactical strategy game looks very promising in action.

The Great Ace Attorney Coming to PS4, PC and Switch

Paul Musiolik, 14 February 2021, 15:56

The Korean game rating organization published a new entry dedicated to The Great Ace Attorney series, which is set to come to PS4, PC and Switch. Seems like fan requests have been answered.

Former Overwatch Writer Is Creating a New “Multiplayer Character Action Game”

Mathias Zulpo, 14 February 2021, 01:23

Blizzard’s ex-senior writer for Overwatch – Michael Chu – is reportedly working on an ambitious triple-A multiplayer title. And it won’t be an Overwatch reskin.