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Employee's Resume Suggests Fenway is Blizzard's New Project

Karol Laska, 04 February 2021, 21:30

On the LinkedIn profile of Maxine Virtue, an employee of Blizzard Entertainment, there was a message saying that she co-produced a project called Fenway. It's quite possible that this is the company's new game, about which we're supposed to find out during BlizzCon.

Expansion Pack Nemesis Announced for Stellaris

Adrian Piotrowski, 04 February 2021, 21:22

A new expansion for Stellaris called Nemesis will introduce some new options to the end game.

Canceled Remaster of Goldeneye Available Online

Adrian Piotrowski, 04 February 2021, 21:05

13 years ago, Microsoft canceled the release of a remastered edition of the iconic Bond game GoldenEye. This week, inquisitive internet users found a file with the nearly completed version of the game.

Sony Shipped More PS5s than Microsoft XSX/Ss

Adrian Piotrowski, 04 February 2021, 19:52

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony has a slight edge over Microsoft in the number of 9th-gen consoles shipped to stores.

Jail for Hacking Pokemon in Japan

Karol Laska, 04 February 2021, 19:45

Japan has begun prosecuting people who violate fair competition rules and sell digitally modified Pokémon on the black market. One of the offenders has already been caught red-handed.

Hitman 3 Roadmap for February; New Missions, Contracts and Outfits

Karol Laska, 04 February 2021, 17:41

IO Interactive published a video on YouTube, in which it informs about its plans for the next weeks in the context of implementing new content to Hitman 3.

First Reviews: Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood

Bart Swiatek, 04 February 2021, 16:56

Today marks the release of the latest action RPG from Cyanide Studios - Werewolf: The Apocalypse. We also got to know how critics rated this title.

Valheim With 20k Players; Devs Reveal Roadmap for 2021

Bart Swiatek, 04 February 2021, 16:43

Valheim developers have revealed a roadmap for 2021. It shows that by the end of the year the game will have received at least three big updates. The title is very popular on Steam.

60,000 Bans in CoD: Warzone in Response to Cheater Deluge

Michal Ciezadlik, 04 February 2021, 16:33

Call of Duty: Warzone is in serious crisis because of cheaters spoiling the fun. Players complain about the lack of anti-cheat and lack of response from the devs. Reacting to community criticism, the developers banned 60 thousand cheaters.

Memory Prices Will Increase, DDR3 With 50% Hike in 2021

Bart Swiatek, 04 February 2021, 16:11

Everything seems to indicate that this year we will see a large increase in the prices of DDR3 memory. This is due to declining production linked with, among other things, preparations for the release of the modern DDR5 standard.

Season 3 Coming to SnowRunner With New Maps and Vehicles

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 February 2021, 15:06

Saber Interactive will soon release the third season of SnowRunner. Along with it, players will receive, among other things, a new region (Wisconsin) and vehicles as part of the season pass, as well as free content.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Visual Comparison

Bart Swiatek, 04 February 2021, 14:52

A video published on YouTube shows the visual changes introduced in the remasters from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set.

The Medium Devs Begin Work on Another Horror, This Time With Combat

Adrian Piotrowski, 04 February 2021, 13:20

Bloober Team does not slow down and prepares another big project. It will probably be another horror game, but this time the company is looking for people to work on the combat system as well.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w05a Introduces Lush Vegetation

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 February 2021, 12:58

Mojang AB released Snapshot 21w05a for Minecraft. The snapshot introduces more lush vegetation in caves, but there were also various improvements and fixes related to snow powder and sculk sensors, among other things.

Rust and GTA 5 Beaten on Steam by a Chinese RPG

Adrian Werner, 04 February 2021, 12:16

Yesterday, a Chinese RPG Tale of Immortal has conquered Steam, overtaking even Rust and GTA5. This is an even greater achievement as it is an indie game that is not available in English.

Amazon's New CEO Won't Give Up on Game Development

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 February 2021, 11:54

Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon, announced the company's further investment in video game development. In his opinion, Amazon Game Studios can still succeed, despite its past failures.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous PC Requirements and Release Date

Adrian Werner, 04 February 2021, 11:17

We got to know the system requirements and approximate release date of the RPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. A new trailer has also hit the web.