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News video games 12 October 2021, 21:52

author: Paul Musiolik

Pro Players Claim FIFA 22 is the Worst Game in the Series

Professional gamers have criticised the gameplay in FIFA 22, calling this year's instalment the worst in the history of the series. The opion of ordinary people is vastly different.

  1. Casual gamers are delighted with the gameplay in FIFA 22;
  2. At the opposite end are esportsmen, who call this year's installment of EA's game the worst in the entire history of the series.

FIFA 22 is collecting surprisingly positive feedback from the gaming community, but there is a certain group of people who don't like the changes introduced by Electronic Arts. I'm talking about the professional gamers who think that this year's edition of FIFA is the worst game in the history of the franchise.

Pro Players Claim FIFA 22 is the Worst Game in the Series - picture #1
Opinion on the FIFA 22 one of the leading players - SNG ZBM.

The above tweet sparked an interesting discussion on Reddit. One of the comments that stood out pointed out that the esports scene has for years relied on a few clichéd gameplay patterns that enable pros to effortlessly settle matches in their favor. When EA Sports decided to revamp the mechanics a bit in FIFA 22 the "pro gamers" accustomed to the old formulas began to complain.

Another thread reveals opinions that this year's installment of the FIFA series is finally enjoyable for people who spend time with it "casually". The argument goes that there are more passing schemes, better offensive touches, and a wider range of players who are useful in building a team. And as much as professional gamers want EA to release patches to change the gameplay, casuals prefer it to be left as it is.

Opinions are, as you can see, divided. It remains to be seen whether the developers will ultimately bow to the esports community and roll back the changes with subsequent updates, or whether they will listen to the opinions of ordinary people and enable them to enjoy the title.

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Paul Musiolik

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