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News video games 11 April 2020, 16:39

author: Conrad Hazi

First Cheater Banned in Valorant

The creators of the game imposed the first ban for the use of prohibited game aids. It took the hackers only a few days to crack Valorant, but Riot Games calms the community and claims to be prepared for the situation.

The hackers act fast...
  • It took hackers only a few days to create first cheats for Valorant.
  • The creators of the game have just banned the first cheater and are announcing further bans.

Riot Games announced that their new tactical shooter Valorant will be well protected against cheaters. However, as it turns out, the game hasn't even left the beta phase yet, and the first ban for cheating is already in force.

Interestingly, the cheaters only took three days to crack the security measures. However, Paul Chamberlain, the developer of Riot's anti-cheat protection, calms down and stresses that more bans are coming and hackers will be blocked as soon as they appear in the game.

The security measures implemented in the title are based on artificial intelligence, which monitors player behavior. When an irregularity is detected, the match is interrupted, and those suspected of breaking the rules are reported to a special team, which analyzes the received material and decides on a possible ban. An example of how the system works can be seen below.

It's sad that cheaters appear in new games so quickly. Let's hope that Riot Games will take appropriate action and will be as effective in banning cheaters as it has announced.



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