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News video games 07 April 2020, 13:46

author: Paul Wozniak

Valorant - How to Get Into Beta; Tests Launch Today

Today, the closed beta tests of Valanort, the new online shooter from the creators of LoL, will begin. Those who have not yet received access to them will now get a second chance. By linking our Riot account with Twitch and watching selected streamers, we will be able to grab one of several thousand access keys.

Today, people who managed to gain access to the closed beta of Valorant a few days ago will be able to start testing it (for now only on PCs). The rest will get another chance to take part in them along with their launch. This time the creators will give away 75 thousand keys.

To get one of them, as before, we must have a registered Riot account, link it to our Twitch account, and then watch selected streamers on the platform. You can find their full list here. When we receive the key (these are randomly assigned to viewers), we will receive a notification and be able to download the game at this address.

Valorant's closed beta starts today.

Fans of online shooters surely can't wait to test the new production from LoL devs. According to the first opinions of people who have already had contact with it, the game is a mix of CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege, not an Overwatch clone, as some people claimed. The well-known streamer Dr. Disrespect recently suggested that Valorant is boring, however, most do not share his opinion. Shroud called the game a gem, and compared other such titles to garbage. Ninja, on the other hand, complaining about cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone, also looks forward to start playing Valorant. And how about you?



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