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News video games 25 January 2021, 14:20

author: Bart Swiatek

First Mission in Hitman 3 Completed in 8 Seconds

Speedrunners have already managed to set some interesting records in IO Interactive's recent Hitman 3. The game's first mission was completed in just eight seconds.


  1. Fastest speedrunners were able to complete the first mission of Hitman 3 in just 8 seconds;
  2. The record on Silent Assassin rank (without any detected bodies or alerts) is 16 seconds.

Although Hitman 3 only debuted a few days ago, players have already set several speedrun records. The latest one concerns the mission in Dubai (the first location in the game), which was completed in just eight seconds. This feat was achieved by player known as Goron. What's interesting, three others - Wreak, Der_Lauch_Linus and chiblee - were only 1 second behind him.

The tactic used by the record-breaking speedrunner is actually quite simple - he used a silenced pistol to take out both of the required targets as soon as the level loaded, then retreated to the elevator to complete the mission. You can see the whole thing in the video below.

The Silent Assassin challenge requires a little more time to complete, with the best players completing it in around sixteen seconds (with Snap-, GuLe and Pigiero taking the first place ex aequo).

It's worth noting that new records appear quite quickly on the Speedrun website - it'll be interesting to see if anyone manages to improve these results.

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