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News video games 06 July 2020, 18:16

author: Paul Wozniak

First Reviews: F1 2020 - Great Culmination of Current Gen

The first reviews of the latest installment Formula 1 racing game series from Codemasters Software. According to the journalists, it's a very good game, which highlights the developers' experience with the franchise, although it doesn't lack outdated elements. Mainly the new My Team mode has been gathering a lot of positive feedback.

Are you waiting for the new installment of the F1 series?

In just four days, the next installment of the Formula 1 licensed racing game series - F1 2020 - will make its debut. The franchise is developed by Codemasters Software (creators of many recognized racing game series such as Colin McRae Rally and DiRT). From now on, journalists from industry media can share their impressions of the game.

The game has been receiving only positive feedback both on OpenCritic and Metacritic, all the reviews are positive. Most of the reviewers appreciated the new, very successful My Team mode (where we create and manage our own racing team), which is a great break from racing on the web and a perfect solution for fans of playing solo. F1 2020 seems to be a showcase of developers' experience from Codemasters Software, although the game is not without flaws, most of them are simply outdated elements, which will probably be much easier to get rid of with the arrival of next generation. Below you will find selected reviews of F1 2020.

Selected reviews of F1 2020:

Eurogamer - in progress:

"This year's edition is even better yet, ditching the story mode of last year for a story that's now entirely your own, and providing distilled thrills that make it an easier recommendation to the less hardcore. It's not perfect, just as the real thing isn't - but just like the real thing, with its surge of likeable new stars and a regular helping of on-track drama, you can't help but feel that F1 is in safe hands right now."

IGN - 9/10:

"F1 2020 is simultaneously the deepest yet most accessible Codemasters Formula One experience to date. The heavy reliance on recycled vignettes and the same old faces we’ve been seeing for virtually an entire generation admittedly means F1 2020 doesn’t necessarily look as fresh as it feels but, between My Team and splitscreen, this is the most fun I’ve had with the F1 series for years."

The Games Machine - 8.6/10:

"F1 2020 is the perfect title for those who want to enter the world of Formula 1. Graphics and sounds are ok, there are many game modes and, thanks to the different settings available, the driving system can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of virtual pilots."

TheSixthAxis - 8/10:

"If it wasn’t for the addition of My Team, F1 2020 would go down as being great for newcomers, but past the best before date for those who have enjoyed recent iterations. Some elements are now very tired, but being able to oversee the running of your own team proves to be incredibly satisfying and just enough of a distraction – for now. F1 2020 highlights just how much of a team sport Formula 1 is, and that can only be a good thing."

F1 2020

F1 2020

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