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News video games 12 November 2020, 21:11

author: Christian Pieniazek

First Reviews: Godfall on PC and PS5 - Could Have Been Much Better

Looter slasher Godfall launched today on PC and PS5. The first reviews indicate that although the game's graphics and combat system may be appealing, it is far from ideal in other respects.

  1. Godfall, Counterplay Games' looter slasher, has been released today;
  2. So far, the game's average score is 61%;
  3. The game looks nice and offers a lot of loot, but it's not as good in terms of story and gameplay diversity.

Godfall from Counterplay Games is one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5 console that has also hit the PC. The game appeared on the shelves today, and its first reviews came to light at the same time. The game, announced as the first looter slasher in history, seems to have failed to live up to expectations, and while it may appeal in many ways, it looks far less impressive in many other respects.

However, before we move on to discussing the most important advantages and disadvantages of Godfall, let's take a look at the first review scores. At the time of writing these words, the average of notes awarded by the industry media for the PS5 version is 61% (on Metacritic, calculated based on five reviews).

Godfall on PC and PS5 - ratings, main pros and cons

  1. God is a Geek - 85/100
  2. GamesRadar - 70/100
  3. Shacknews - 70/100
  4. Digital Trends - 50/100
  5. TheGamer - 50/100
  6. EGM - 40/100

Let's start with what the developers at Counterplay Games have done well. Here we can mention the combat system, which can evoke associations with the bestselling God of War and soulslike games and definitely may be liked. Additionally, the reviewers point out that there is a lot of loot waiting to be won, which will make Diablo or Destiny lovers who want to have a slightly different kind of fun, feel at home here. The visuals also make a good impression; although the whole thing may seem a little too flashy, it is ultimately very pleasing to the eye. Attention is drawn to the "gold and obsidian" covered interiors, as well as to the dense vegetation and enemies "who explode in a rain of particles".

The problem is, however, that although Godfall shines technically and in the issues discussed above, it does not really bring anything fresh. In addition, many reviewers argue that the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive and the locations, although pretty, quickly begin to get boring. An additional problem is the story layer, which is just an excuse to grab a weapon and start chopping up opponents to get a better weapon. A bitter disappointment awaits those who were hoping to play a slightly more ambitious title than the average hack-and-slash game.

  1. Godfall - official website


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