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News video games 25 August 2020, 13:47

author: Bart Swiatek

First Reviews: Project CARS 3 - A New Direction

A lot of reviews of Project CARS 3, the latest game from Slightly Mad Studios, has appeared on the web. It seems that the developers decided to go with their flagship series in a slightly different direction, because we're dealing with a game that is very different from previous installments.

Project CARS 3 is a quite successful game, but it is very different from previous installments.


  1. The racing game Project CARS 3 will debut on August 28;
  2. Average reviews: Metacritic - 73-78%, OpenCritic - 74%.

In a few days, Project CARS 3, a new racing game from Slightly Mad Studios, will debut on the market. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (next-gen editions will also be released later). A lot of reviews of this title have already appeared online.

Project CARS 3 - selected opinions

Reviews of Sligtly Mad Studios' title suggest that the developers have created a decent game, but not good enough to compete with the top of the genre. There's also the opinion that it's a title that differs significantly from previous installments and will not necessarily appeal to all fans (it's much more arcade).

"Anyone who didn’t like what Project CARS and Project CARS 2 offered, will love Project CARS 3. But also, the inverse is true; if you loved the first two for their pure unadulterated simulation, you’re likely to be turned away with this third entry. I found it a bit of a balanced approached that’s way more focused and in-line with other games in the genre, that remains appealing to me. Project CARS 3 is incredibly deep, retaining a lot of the DNA of what makes it so good," Scott Ellison II, Saving Content.

"Project CARS 3 suffers from a case of mistaken identity. Once you adjust to the new direction, you can get into a fun flow of ticking off objectives, drifting around hairpins and purchasing upgrades. However, while the series' existing platform means you get a great variety of circuits, cars and weather conditions, it also shackles this game from being a great arcade racing experience," Tom Harrison-Lord, TheSixthAxis.

"In a lot of ways Project CARS 3 is reminiscent of the Forza Horizon series, though executed without any of the flair or fun that made the latter enjoyable. If you’re a racing fan, be it arcade or simulation, I recommend you avoid this game – it’s a thoroughly unenjoyable experience from a once great series," Hamish Lindsay, Stevivor.

Project CARS 3 - reviews

On Metacritic, the title currently has an average rating of 73-78% (depending on the platform, with the PC version being rated worst). The OpenCritic average is comparable - 74% (it is worth adding that 76% of reviewers consider the title worthy of recommendation).

  1. God is a Geek - 9/10
  2. The Gamer - 4.5/5
  3. Consolas hobby - 87/100
  4. - 86/100
  5. The Games Machine - 8,2/10
  6. IGN Italy - 8,1/10
  7. GameSpew - 8/10
  8. PCGamesN - 8/10
  9. Press Start - 8/10
  10. Hardcore Gamer - 4/5
  11. Saving Content - 4/5
  12. Cerealkillerz - 7.9/10
  13. - 7.8/10
  14. Power Unlimited - 77/100
  15. GamesRadar - 3,5/5
  16. PowerUp! - – 7/10
  17. Sports Gamers Online - 6/10
  18. TheSixthAxis - 6/10
  19. Stevivor - 3.5/10
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Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3

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