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News video games 22 September 2022, 14:50

author: Jakub Tarchala

Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares Update Coming Soon

Forgotten Nightmares is the first major update for Diablo Immortal. We describe the most important changes and novelties that the players will face.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The leaks circulating for several days now have been confirmed. Diablo Immortal - Diablo's spin-off intended primarily for smartphones - will soon receive the first major update. Forgotten Nightmares, for that is the name of the update, will be made available on September 27. Some of the planned new features will be added later.

Forgotten Nightmares - essential novelties

New dungeon: Silent Monastery

The location is designed for groups of 2 to 4 players at experience level 60 or higher. A distinctive feature of the Silent Monastery is to be the black fog - limiting visibility to a minimum and intensifying the power of demons - which will be dispelled with the help of statues (illuminating the area). Finally, the developers have prepared a boss fight: Ancient Nightmare.

Cyrangar Castle

Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares Update Coming Soon - picture #1
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

After completing the secret quests, players will receive a new "home", which will replace the old location at Warband camp. Cyrangar Castle will introduce two gameplay modes: clearing the depths and defending the castle.

  • We will be able to repeat the first mode indefinitely and it is supposed to involve defeating the old inhabitants of the castle in order to receive a number of bonuses, including access to rooms offering bonuses to the player who currently occupies them (one room per player).
  • The second mode will be repeatable on a weekly basis, and the task is to stop eight waves of enemies for rewards and experience points. This mode will also offer an endless option (with no wave limit or restrictions on repeating the task) with a leaderboard. Top teams will receive a Cyrangar defense portrait frame for perseverance.

These tasks will be for players of at least experience level 20 who are already party members.

New weapons: Ancestral Weapons.

By participating in challenges at Cyrangar Castle, players will have a chance to earn Ancestral Weapons. Placing them on the Ancestor Board (located in the heart of Cyrangar Castle) will result in characters being assigned boosts to strength, intelligence and dexterity (for all warband members, one weapon per character). If the new weapon is used in the Cyrangar Castle quests, you will also receive new special powers that can be upgraded into additional invocation properties.

Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares Update Coming Soon - picture #2

Other highlights

Fifth season of the battle pass (September 29)

The Scions of the Storm battle pass will be dedicated to the eponymous storm. The pass includes 40 ranks tied to challenges and rewards, such as legendary gems, coats of arms, armguards and more. Those interested will be able to upgrade their battle pass throughout the season to one of two forms.

  • Enhanced Battle Pass - includes all the rank rewards from the free Battle Pass, but also unlocks additional rewards for each rank including weapons and cosmetic items from Scions of the Storm, for those with at least level 40.
  • Enhanced Battle Collector's Pass - includes everything from the free and enhanced pass, plus frames of the Scions of the Storm avatar, portal cosmetic items and recharges for up to ten ranks, which are available immediately upon upgrade.

New Infernal Relic boss: Izilech the Misshapen (October 2)

Demon leader Wrathborne will be faced by players with a combat rating of at least 6175. The reward for defeating the opponent will be crown of Wrathborne, giving 30 combat points and a 10% bonus to movement speed while in the Rifts of Challenges.

Temporary event: Scouring The Darkness (September 28 - October 19).

The event offers special single-player or multiplayer quests for which you can receive rewards (including: a "Congratulations" emote).

New legendary gems

Three legendary gems have been added:

  • Blessed Pebble - Extends the duration of favorable effects by 12% and increases movement speed by 8% for three seconds after the favorable effect.
  • The Abiding Curse - attacks have a 15% chance to curse enemies, reducing their attack and movement speed by 35% for eight seconds. Cursed enemies also receive a 10% increase in attack damage.
  • Frozen Heart - an ice shield that lasts six seconds, which cools enemy attackers and absorbs damage equal to 360% of your base damage (plus 1458 damage). The gem also gives your attacks a 60% chance to chill your enemies.

In addition, for three weeks after the update's release, players will be able to enable a modified five-star drop table, which gives a 50% chance of dropping a Frozen Heart (instead of another top level gem).

A detailed description of the changes can be found on the official website of Blizzard, where you can also find an updated list of fixed bugs.

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