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News video games 11 August 2021, 17:42

author: Ignacy Ziarkiewicz

Fortnite as Open-world RPG? Leaked Image May Hint at New Gameplay Mode

Circumstantial evidence has emerged that suggests Fortnite will get an open-world mode reminiscent of RPGs.

In the wake of Epic Games and Apple's lawsuit, it was reported online in May this year that Fortnite might get an open-world mode. Since then, fans haven't seen any official information from the publisher. However, according to Hypex, a leaker who deals with reports on Fortnite, on August 10, users discovered a new image in the game files, named Saturn. It suggests the appearance of a gameplay mode strongly associated with the RPG genre. If the earlier reports about the open-world mode turn out to have something to do with the new picture, players will be given the opportunity to take part in something really interesting.

Characters on the picture sport gear very unusual for Fortnite - wand, bow, spear and helmet indicate a strong inspiration with the RPG genre. Behind the characters there is a huge monkey, which could be some kind of boss or a new main opponent. On the right in the background, we can also see stone figures and the outline of some kind of building - all these elements roughly resemble a temple or ruins.

Unfortunately, the graphic has been removed from the game files. For now, these are just rumors, but an open-world Fortnite with RPG elements sounds very interesting. Would you like to see the famous production in this edition?