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News video games 12 May 2021, 17:02

Fortnite Might Soon Get a New PvE Survival Mode

New information indicates that Fortnite will soon receive Daybreak mode - a PvE open-world mode focused on survival.

  1. Leaks suggest arrival of a new game mode in Fortnite;
  2. Daybreak is supposed to be an open-world survival game that focuses on PvE gameplay;
  3. The mode will receive a completely new map, but the building/crafting elements will be preserved.

As reported by Eurogamer patch 16.40 for Fortnite includes information enabling us to believe that soon the game will see a completely new game mode called Daybreak. It's supposed to be an open-world survival that will focus on PvE gameplay. The fact that Fortnite will receive new content was known for some time - the information was made public in connection with the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple.

Already at the beginning of May we could hear leaks about the new mode. Insider known as Hypex, linked to Fortnite, published screenshots on Twitter, which allegedly were to show Daybreak's place of action - a completely new map:

Although the map is supposed to be an entirely new location, the building mechanics familiar from the battle royale mode will most likely be retained. Among the many aspects that have leaked, a description of the Daybreak mode is also available:

"You wake up alone and unarmed along the coast of an island, with no memory of how you arrived. Quickly search for weapons and ammunition before night falls and creatures begin to roam the hillsides, hunting for prey. Keep an eye out for other stranded people they may prove to be invaluable allies in your fight to stay alive on the increasingly hostile island. Along the way, search for parts that can be used to repair one of the downed helicopters that are near the island's center. If you find the correct parts and have enough fuel, you may be able to complete the Impossible Escape! NOTE: Players loading in with a squad will be separated. Search for your friends or other players on the island and form a new squad! ... Repair a choppa to escape the island before the storm closes in on the third night."

As commenters note, the outline of what Daybreak is supposed to be is somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite: Save the World in which players face off against hordes of zombies in co-op. At this point there is no mention of any specific dates, after all, there isn't even an official announcement available yet. Nevertheless, reports about the new mode look really intriguing and seem to be worth following.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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