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News video games 27 February 2019, 15:13

author: Aquma

Funcom Will Make Dune Games

The Norway-based developer Funcom has signed a deal with Legendary Entertainment. The developer is to create games based on the license of the Dune universe, created by Frank Herbert.

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We will get another chance to visit the planet Arrakis.


  1. Funcom will create games based on the license of the novel series Dune;
  2. The last game set in this universe was Frank Herbert's Dune from 2001;
  3. In 2020, a Dune movie directed by Denis Villeneuve will enter the cinemas.

Norwegian company Funcom - known from Age of Conan, Conan Exiles and The Secret World - has signed an agreement with Legendary Entertainment, on the basis of which the developer will create games set in the iconic science fiction universeDiuna, known from the series of novels by Frank Herbert, as well as its film adaptations. According to GameWatcher, the developer will prepare as many as three productions - one of them will be the MMO.

Funcom has a strong history of working with beloved sci-fi/fantasy intellectual properties including our bestsellers Age of Conan and Conan Exiles. So many of us at Funcom, myself included, are huge fans of Frank Herbert’s work and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate withLegendary to bring the iconic DUNE universe to life for gamers all over the globe," said Funcom's CEO Rui Casais.

It is worth noting that the moment when the cooperation was established is not accidental - director Denis Villeneuve (known for his Arrival, the great Sicario and a successful return to another SF universe known from books and silver screen, i.e. 2049 Blade Runner) is currently working on the adaptation of Dune, which should be released in cinemas in 2020. Funcom probably hopes to increase its interest in the brand and wants to take advantage of this situation.

We would like to remind you that the universe of Dune has already been shown on computer screens many times - the most famous adaptation is probably the RTS cycle by Westwood Studios (and Virgin Interactive Entertainment), the last installment of which - Emperor: Battle for Dune - was released in June 2001 and was warmly received. The last (and unfortunately less successful) production based on Frank Herbert's work was the action adventure game signed with the writer's own name, released in December of the same year.

  1. Funcom - official website
  2. Legendary - official website
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