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News video games 02 November 2020, 14:57

author: Adrian Werner

Future of Apex Legends is More Than Just Battle Royale

The developers from Respawn Entertainment revealed that in the future Apex Legends is likely to receive gameplay modes other than battle royale. The devs also denied that Titanfall 3 is in development.

  • In the future, Apex Legends will most likely receive permanent modes that are not battle royal variants,
  • The devs have planned development until season 12,
  • Titanfall 3 is not in development,
  • The Olympus map from season 7 of Apex Legends is based on the level from the abandoned Titanfall 3.

Chad Grenier from Respawn Entertainment gave an interesting interview to Eurogamer. The developer revealed that in the future Apex Legendswill probably stop being only a battle royal game. However, he didn't make it clear whether we can expect other PvP modes, or perhaps a co-op PvE, where a group of players join forces against the AI.

Grenier explains that the studio managed to create a gallery of characters that the players loved, so the creators are constantly wondering what else could be done with these characters. One of the manifestations of this are time-limited experimental modes, but in the future, we can expect permanent novelties.

In the interview, Grenier also informed that Respawn Entertainment has plans to develop Apex Legends until season 12. Let us recall that the latest announcement one has the numbers seven and will start on November 4 this year.

Grenier also referred to the constantly recurring rumors about Titanfall 3. Unfortunately, we don't have good news for fans of the series. The developer confirmed that currently no one in Respawn Entertainment is working on the third part.

Grenier also revealed that Olympus, a map that will appear in Apex Legends in the seventh season, is based on ideas from the level created for the abandoned Titanfall 3.

As a reminder, not only will the seventh season start on November 4, but Apex Legends will finally launch on Steam. Thanks to backwards compatibility, the game will also be available for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 as soon as the platforms launch. For the time being, the developers are not ready to announce versions dedicated to next-gen consoles.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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