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News video games 07 September 2021, 10:45

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Genshin Impact Devs Fed Up With Info Leaks; Studio Will Sue

Studio responsible for Genshin Impact sued popular Chinese website Bilibili. The reason are constant leaks of information about the game.

  • Genshin Impact devs have sued the Chinese website Bilibili;
  • In this way, they want to get to users responsible for the leaks;
  • Most often, leakers published information about the characters that will be added to the game in the future.

It seems that the scale of Genshin Impact leaks has reached levels unacceptable to miHoYo. The studio has now moved to take a decisive step to end the unacceptable practice. As noted on Reddit the creators sued the Chinese website Bilibili, the local equivalent of YouTube. It was among the videos published there that we could often find information about upcoming updates to the game.

Interestingly, this lawsuit does not mean that there was a conflict between miHoYo and Bilibili. The two companies still share a positive relationship. The move by the studio is related to the privacy rules that apply to the Chinese website. It can not disclose the identity of its users, unless it is requested to by the state authorities or the court. The creators of Genshin Impact want to find out the identity of the leakers. There are eleven of them in total. The hearings will begin on September 17.

It should be noted that miHoYo's actions will not hit all the people who published information about the game. Data miners taking part in beta tests, among others, can rest assured. The studio wants to punish only the leakers who draw their knowledge from sources within the company itself. miHoYo considers them a serious threat.

The most common type of leaks published by Bilibili users was information about the characters that will appear in the game in future updates. It is possible that in the future fans of Genshin Impact will not be able to expect earlier reports of this type.

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Genshin Impact

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