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News video games 13 October 2019, 21:12

author: Konrad Serafinski Supported International Day Against DRM

Yesterday was International Day Against DRM. The main topic of this year's edition was digital rights, which hinder access to textbooks and scientific publications. The action was supported by

Geralt respects lack of DRM security.

Hey, brothers and sisters, did you celebrate yesterday? Not many of you may have remembered this, but on October 12, we celebrated International Day Against DRM. The organizer of the whole action, which aims to spread the knowledge about the benefits of owning games, movies and other DRM-free media, was Free Software Foundation. The main theme of this year's edition was digital rights, which hinder access to textbooks and scientific publications. Students and high school students should be very familiar with the problem. joined the initiative, and as we all know, the company could be considered a paragon and symbol of any actions against DRM, because all the products offered by the store are free of this type of security. In the message posted on the website we can read:

GOG.COM is the place where all your games are DRM-free, meaning you can store and enjoy the games that you bought without the need to constantly stay online and repeatedly prove your ownership. This is one of the core pillars we built our service around 11 years ago and continue to maintain today.

We deeply believe in giving gamers the freedom of choice. We understand that some gamers may prefer to rent or stream their games and that’s totally fine! We simply believe in allowing gamers to choose how they consume their media - whether it’s renting, streaming, or owning their games DRM-free.

Such initiatives are, of course, very popular with players who have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with DRM software. Just look at their reactions after the Steam description of one of highly-anticipated games showed the sinister "Third-party DRM System". Unfortunately, certain restrictions can never be conquered. And even if they ara, others will appear to replace them.

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