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News video games 12 July 2019, 13:24

author: Bart Swiatek

Google Stadia Partner Program Very Popular Among Developers

During this year's Develop:Brighton conference, Sam Corcoran - Technical Account Manager at Google - informed that over 4 thousand companies have already applied to the partner program of the streaming platform Stadia.

The Stadia is very popular among developers.


  1. Over 4 thousand companies have already applied to the Google Stadia partner programme;
  2. All applications are verified by people;
  3. Stadia Partners is to provide support tailored to the needs of particular titles;
  4. The company prioritizes projects that can use multiple platforms.

PCGamesInsider reports that over 4,000 developers have already applied for the Google Stadia partnership program. All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the employees of the company as it wants to make sure that good quality content is delivered to its platform. The source of this information is a statement by Sam Corcoran - Google Technical Account Manager - during this year's Develop:Brighton conference (held on July 8-11 in Brighton, south of London).

"We've had more than 4,000 companies apply for access to Stadia and every single one of them is reviewed by a human. Someone is reading, so put some thought into that application," said Corcoran.

Technical Account Manager also advised what attracts Google's attention the most - the company wants developers creating games for its platform to take into account the fact that their titles will be able to be played in different conditions and on many different devices.

"What I'd really recommend - and what is always well-received - is having a good think about the access the Stadia provides, which allows people to play across all these different endpoints and hopefully can widen the range of players that can engage with your game. Think about if that does anything particular for your game. If access from any device has an impact on the design of your game. And also, what new opportunities are out there thanks to that ease of access, " Corcoran continues.

The main goal of the partnership program is to attract game developers to the platform. It is intended to enable Google to offer support tailored to the needs of the title.

"Stadia Partners is the most immediate opportunity for developers. It's a programme that allows you to pitch your game that's in development to Google. That allows us to tailor-make a support plan that will work for your title and fit with the rest of our portfolio. We're always looking for new games and pitches, so we absolutely do want to talk to any of you who are interested."

Google Stadia was announced during this year's GDC conference. The service will be launched in November.

  1. Google Stadia - official website
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