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News video games 12 July 2019, 14:13

author: Adrian Werner

Steam Labs Launches; Offers AI Game Recommendations

Valve has released Steam Labs, thanks to which we can test, among others, the system of automatic game recommendation, based on the analysis of our preferences.

Steam Laboratories allow you to test experimental solutions.
  1. Microtrailers,
  2. Interactive system of recommendations,
  3. Automatically generated video with interesting games.

Valve has launched Steam Labs, an initiative to test new solutions on which the studio's employees experiment. Currently we can try three such projects. Definitely the most interesting is the Interactive Recommender. It's a system that analyzes our Steam Library to see how much time we've spent playing individual titles, and then recommends new titles on that basis.

Previous Steam recommendations were based on simple tags. Interactive Recommender is a more advanced solution, because it is based on machine learning that examines our preferences. In addition, players can additionally configure the lists generated in this way. We can indicate, for example, whether we are looking for popular or niche productions, old or new, as well as use tags to narrow down the listings.

Steam Labs offers two other experiments. One of them is the so-called "microtrailers". These videos last six seconds and are intended to allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with a wide variety of games. Various variants of this solution are being tested. Some of them require you to point the cursor at the video window, while others display multiple minitrailers simultaneously.

The last experiment available in the Steam Laboratory is the Automatic Show, a material presenting the most interesting new releases and popular older productions. As the title suggests, the video is generated automatically.

These new solutions are something Steam really needs. Currently, the service is flooded with games every day. Developers, especially the more niche ones, are therefore finding it increasingly difficult to reach potential clients. Especially Interactive Recommender is already doing quite well in providing recommendations, so we hope that the system will be improved and become a permanent part of the service.

  1. Steam Labs official website
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