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News video games 28 August 2021, 20:47

author: Damian Gacek

Gothic 2 With Multiplayer - Here's Gothic 2 Online

Gothic 2 Online is a very ambitious project that gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven and experience adventures together with other fans. Several servers, offering different game modes have been prepared.


  1. The creators report that they have finished working on a platform for multiplayer mode for Gothic II: Night of the Raven;
  2. The project is called Gothic 2 Online and offers the opportunity to play in various modes - Deathmatch (team and solo), Survival, RolePlay, and even MMORPG;
  3. Fans can also create their own servers.

There is no need to remind anyone about the iconic Gothic series here, although maybe not everyone believes that the popularity is deserved. There is no doubt, that there are still many fans who try to do something great with this famous universe. One of such projects is Gothic 2 Online. It is a platform designed for people who want to experience the second installment in a completely different way - together with friends.

Of course, over the years many projects have been developed to gather fans of the series through multiplayer. However, it seems that Gothic 2 Online went a step further. It is not a simple mod that is supposed to give us the opportunity to play together with friends. It's a platform that brings together many servers, which offer a variety of game modes and giving them the opportunity to develop.

The project offers challenges for the best fighters in the form of Deathmatch mode, which can be played solo or with a team. In addition, fans of community building may be interested in the Survival mode, which enables us to collect resources and offers the option to create our own base with other players. We can not forget about RolePlay servers, thanks to which we can immerse ourselves in the world of Gothic more than ever. Lovers of leveling up will surely be happy about the possibility to play the MMORPG mode in the world of Nameless Hero.

Fans more familiar with Gothic mods will surely notice that Gothic 2 Online is nothing new and has already been functioning for several years. That is correct, but the authors of the initiative informed us that only now the platform can be considered completed.

If you want to play with other fans or create your own adventure, please go here. A copy of Gothic II with the Night of the Raven DLC is necessary to be able to join the community.

  1. Gothic 2 Online - official website

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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